Make-up wipes are super-convenient and perfect for flights, festivals or after a big night out. BUT can they be used on a daily basis in replacement of a make-up remover/cleanser?

The answer is NO!

The actives in make-up removers are generally the same as normal cleansers (surfactants, solubilises, emulsifiers) but the big difference is you don’t use the water to rinse. Wipes aren’t as thorough as other cleansers, so don’t remove all your make-up and leave a residue on your skin- not great in terms of preventing spots! Wipes can be high in ingredients, such as alcohol, and since you’re not rinsing it off, can be drying on the skin. Also, the wiping motion used to remove make-up with wipes can be harsher on skin, since it’s often much rougher than cleansing with water.

Not convinced you to put down the make-up wipes yet?

You can do your own little experiment to prove it: clean off your make-up using your favourite wipes and then when you think you’re all squeaky clean, use a cream cleanser on a cotton pad. It’s likely you’ll still see make-up/residue on a cotton pad, especially waxy products, such as mascara and lipstick.

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