For many of us having naturally thick luxuriant locks like a Disney princess is the stuff of dreams. We’re constantly hearing about products that give your hair volume and shine, but rarely hear about products to help with thinner hair. For those us who were not blessed with thick locks, Aveda’s Thickening Tonic sounds like the answer to our prayers, but does it live up to its claims to thicken hair instantly from root to tip with just one use. This sounds almost too good to be true so let us investigate if the science holds up…

The Science behind the Bottle
Hair thickening products are formulated to add an extra layer to the hair making it appear thicker. Aveda’s Thickening Tonic contains the sodium magnesium silicate which acts as the deposition agent as it is able to ‘deposit’ a layer of particulates on the individual strands of hair. This coat of particulates increases the diameter and therefore the cross-sectional area of the hair shafts and follicles, having the overall effect of increasing the thickness of the hair once applied all over the head.

These particulates require an agent to stick them to the hair’s surface. There are a few adhesive agents in Thickening Tonic which are all polymers including: hydrolyzed soy protein, hydrolyzed brazil nut protein, hydrolyzed wheat protein and hydrolysed wheat starch. These ingredients also act as cationic (positively charged) conditioning agents when applied to the hair. Conditioning agents are things which improve the quality of the surface to which they are applied and in this case they are also able to help protect hair against environmental damage. This is a great added bonus because it could mean added protection from damage caused when styling the hair such as blow drying, bleaching and colouring hair.

Will our fuller locks last forever?
Thickening Tonic doesn’t contain any of the ingredients which are known to stimulate hair growth, such as minoxidil or caffeine (which you can read more about in our “How to: Thicker Hair” article)  so as a result Thickening Tonic is not going to have any lasting affect on hair thickness in the long term.

The Verdict
Having read many rave reviews of Aveda’s Thickening Tonic online and having checked the science behind it is correct, we Beauty Geeks think it should be worth the money for those of you wanting to add that extra oomph to the thickness of your hair. Although this product is only a temporary fix for thicker hair, at £20 for a 100ml bottle its not going to break the bank and could be that extra step to giving you those thicker tresses you always dreamed of!

Like the sound of this? You can purchase yours HERE.