With each passing birthday, our skin starts to look and feel different (we’re pretty sure THAT wrinkle wasn’t there last week!) This means the way we have to care for our skin has to change too. As we celebrate the big 30 (sorry, 21st again) uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation (sun- spots) can become more of an issue, with fine lines appearing around the eyes, becoming one of your biggest challenges. Of course, the age that these hit us varies (some people just are genetically blessed!), as does the severity and they may not be a problem for everyone. But for those of you who want to fool the world into thinking they are still in their 20s, we’ve pulled together our top tips…

We’re going to start with an absolute BBTG essential…SPF. If you don’t already wear it everyday, even as an addition to your moisturiser, you should be. Sun damage is one of the major causes of wrinkles, and believe us, it is easier to wear sunscreen and prevent these wrinkles than trying to reverse the damage later on. You’ll thank us in your 50’s!

In your thirties, your skin care routine needs to have abit more oomph than the simple ‘cleanse and moisturise’ that saw you through your 20’s. Having said that, cleansing and moisturising are still an essential part of caring for you skin; cleansing will rid your skin of any dirt and bacteria that has accumulated throughout the day and moisturising is important in keeping your skin hydrated and healthy and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A good, hydrating serum is also a great investment for your 30’s but don’t splash the cash on the all-singing, all-dancing anti-ageing creams just yet! Unless they contain some really good ingredients that specifically target your skin concerns – you can find out more about the ingredients serums contain on the Science behind the Bottle section of the blog.

As the skin around your eyes is five times thinner than anywhere else, as a result it is much more delicate and is the first to show signs of wrinkles. For this reason, we recommend investing in an anti-ageing eye cream now! One ingredient to look out for when scouring the high street for your eye cream is retinol, a vitamin A derivative that can increase collagen synthesis as well as improving skin discolouration like sun-spots, leaving you with smoother and younger looking skin. Another ingredient top of our list is AHA’s (the most common one you’ll find in high street products are glycolic acid and lactic acid). AHA’s are mild chemical exfoliants, so they remove the top layer of dead skin cells, exposing the newer, brighter skin cells beneath. They have also been shown to reduce the signs of ageing by increasing the quality and quantity of collagen in deeper layers of skin. Finally, lets not forget niacinamide. This wonder ingredient is a form of vitamin B3 that is readily absorbed when applied to the skin. It helps the skin retain moisture, keeping it hydrated and fighting the appearance of wrinkles. It can also act as a skin lightening agent, making it useful for tackling any sun-spots that may starting to be surface. For some more anti-ageing ingredients to keep an eye out for, click here.

And lastly, don’t underestimate the importance of regular exfoliation! When you hit your 30’s, cell turnover begins to slow, much like your recovery the morning after a few wines! For this reason, we suggest using chemical exfoliants, again like glycolic acid or salicylic acid to remove the top layer or dead skin cells, making way for the cells beneath. These chemical exfoliants work by weakening the connections between adjacent skin cells, so they ‘become loose’ and can fall away, exposing the newer cells beneath and giving a brighter complexion!

Like your 20’s, the best thing you can do for your skin in your 30’s is to protect it. This means take care basking in the sun (Wear SPF!!! Your tan will fade, wrinkles won’t), get into a good skin care routine and put down the cigarettes! You’ll come back and thank us in 10 years time.


Please comment any questions you have, or you can submit them via our Q & A page. Let us know if you a product that really works for you or if you are considering investing in a new one, and would like us to review it for you.


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