They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, so no wonder we’re so keen to keep the area around them in tip top condition. When a long day turns into an even longer week your skin can sometimes be in need of a little TLC. The question on our minds today is simple: could Benefit come to the rescue with their new Puff Off? With a cute design (the applicator is formed in the shape of a clothing iron!) this Instant Eye Gel is designed to ‘iron out’ wrinkles and may be the answer to your under-eye woes.

The Claims
Puff Off Instant Eye Gel claims to solve all of your under-eye worries, taking you from tired and drab to totally fab. It’s been specially designed with the aim of instantly smoothing the look of puffiness and fine lines around the eye. Sounds promising but on such a delicate area of the skin can it really perform the miracles it claims?

The Science behind the Bottle
On first glance the formula list certainly looks like Benefit have tried to pack their Puff Off with a whole host of ingredients. The question now is whether this long list is full of skin-loving wonders, or if it could have been cut down and replaced with less ingredients carrying more of that science power we Geeks love.

The formula starts off well by including a “citrus bioflavonoid” called hesperidin methyl chalcone. Flavonoids are a fantastic addition to anti-ageing products because they’re strong antioxidants which can fight the signs of premature ageing! Antioxidants defend your cells against free radicals which can cause cell stress and damage. Antioxidants aim to prevent the accumulation of the damage like this which builds up and shows as fine lines and wrinkles!

On top of this, citrus bioflavonoids also have an anti-inflammatory action which will help to reduce puffy skin caused by irritation. Studies have also shown that some of these molecules could impact blood circulation which is important for keeping your skin looking firmer and smoother. The evidence is far from conclusive on this, and studies haven’t looked at topical use of the specific molecule used in this formula.

Humectants and other Moisturising Ingredients
Puff Off is packed full of humectants like glycerol, 1, 2-Hexanediol, and many more moisturising ingredients (from simple sunflower oil to fancy-sounding ‘Hydrogenated Polyisobutene’). Humectants are able to enhance water absorption from the dermis to the epidermis as well as absorbing water from the environment. The cumulative effects of these fab little molecules will hydrate your skin and help to smooth away those pesky fine lines of wrinkles. Good news for this formula, but humectants are in practically every product out there on the market – so not exactly a unique to benefit from Benefit.

Potential Irritants
As the largest organ of the body your skin is pretty important and what you put on it should be carefully thought about. The area under the eye is particularly sensitive and the potential for irritation should not be taken lightly so the presence of alcohol derivatives is somewhat of a worry for us Beauty Geeks.

Menthoxypropanediol is derivative of menthol which is used in some products (although not frequently) to enhance penetration of ingredients into the skin. However, studies have shown recently that this product can cause allergic-like reactions. While Benefit probably only use small amounts, we’re set on reducing puffiness, not risking more!

The other issue with alcohols is that they can be very drying to the skin. Again, this isn’t a property that we’re looking for on our quest for under-eye perfection!

In the amounts used in the bottle and the hydrating power of the humectants this may not be a problem for many of you but for our more sensitive skinned beauties as always caution is advised.

Many of the rest of the ingredients are made up with a whole host of fragrances like linalool, limonene and citronellol. Although these will give the product a signature scent, we were hoping to find more active ingredients and fewer fragrances!

The Verdict
All in all we’re left a little unimpressed with Benefit and their Puff off! As much as the cute packaging may make us want to run out and buy, the science just isn’t enough to impress The Geek! This may be effective as a quick fix with its moisturising properties but this is certainly not the long term fix we dream of. We were hoping to see a long list of anti-inflammatories to reduce puffiness and antioxidants to fight the signs of premature ageing but instead were left with very few! Reviews have also shown that the puffiness and fine lines remained an issue for a lot of users and the colouring often stayed leaving a not-so-subtle pink mark under the eyes. So for now we’re left unconvinced but if you disagree why not drop us a comment and let us know why!  

You can find Benefit Puff Off Instant Eye Gel HERE

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