This is a bit of a tricky one as it will very much depend on your skin but we do have some general guidelines to help you on your way! 

There can never be too much of a good thing – and this is true when it comes to sun cream. We can’t stress enough how important this protection is and yes, it is recommended to use every single day, no matter the weather!

On the other end of the scale are cleansing and exfoliating, which should be a major part of your beauty regime – but be warned, you can easily overdo it! Cleansing is important as it gets rid of pesky bacteria and dirt to help us avoid clogged pores and spots. However, our skin naturally makes oils called sebum to keep skin healthy and hydrated but by cleansing too much you are washing these away leaving your poor skin stripped of its natural oils. We recommend using a cleansing balm/ oil/ cream (oil dissolves oil!) and nothing with a high concentration of alcohol! Over-cleansing also applies to your hair – washing it too often means that it will get greasy faster as your body tries to compensate for the dryness (due to the loss of sebum) by producing more. Exfoliation is also a must and is a necessary part of any skin regime to remove old and dull dead skin cells, allowing them to be replaced by new healthy cells. This is a natural process but gentle exfoliation just gives the skin a helping hand! The key word here is GENTLE especially on the face, as facial skin is sensitive (especially around the eyes!). Too much exfoliation, especially with products that are too harsh for the face, will leave your skin red and irritate. It’s all about finding a balance. AHAs are big in the Geeks routine in terms of gentle exfoliation. Find out why here.

Next up is moisturizing! There are thousands of different formulations, claiming to treat almost every problem that we could possibly imagine, so clearly they all do slightly different things. However, if you read the ‘how to use’ section the general idea is to apply morning and night – but can you overdo it? Applying too much at one time wont benefit you, in fact it could leave your pores clogged up as the skin wont be able to absorb all the moisture and instead the lotion will just sit on the surface of your skin not doing any good at all! Too often is another matter, small amounts applied often, especially on areas which are affected by the weather and everything we touch, like our hands, is a good idea and we believe there is no overdoing it in this case, especially if you are prone to dry skin. In fact every time you wash your hands you are washing away that all important sebum so a hand moisturiser should always be at hand! But don’t go out buying the most expensive anti-ageing, plumping, enzyme filled, million dollar lotion unless you really need it or actually are a millionaire! If you have young skin, even the anti-ageing ingredients, which have the science to back them up wont do anything for you yet, so save your money for that pair of shoes instead!

The Beauty Geek conclusion on this one is to get to know your skin! Find the products and the skincare routine that works for you and your skin. If you are both happy then you will be looking radiant no matter what!

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