Victoria Beckham: Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream skin protectant

This is a favourite of Victoria Beckham to calm, protect and hydrate skin for up to 8 hours but will it impress us geeks too?

There are 3 important ingredients in this, which we need to take a close look at and the first one is petrolatum. This is a dream come true for dry skin as it stops water loss by creating a barrier on the skins surface but there is more to it than this. It can also penetrate into the skin and trigger the production of lipids and fatty acids to help repair the skins natural barrier. Ingredient number two is salicylic acid, great for exfoliation and also thought to be anti-inflammatory to reduce any redness you may have!

Last but not least is tocopherol acetate, or in other words vitamin E, which as beauty geeks know, is a great antioxidant! It may even work with the petrolatum to hydrate skin even more.

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So we geeks are with Posh Spice on this one and for more detail as to why read our full review here!

 Beyonce: GlamGlow Youth Mud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

This face mask is a bit unusual, as when it dries it gives a mild tingling sensation! It’s a big hit amongst celebs, with Beyonce and Natalie Portman reported to be big fans. This face mask says it can do it all; brighten, tighten, tone, exfoliate, hydrate and even stimulate collagen production but can one little pot really do all this?

It contains several types of clay, which are great for cleansing as they absorb dirt and oils really well. One type of clay, Montmorillonite, is even antibacterial so already that is two ways this facemask fights off spots! It also contains green tea extracts, which are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and may even be responsible for the collagen boosting properties of the facemask.

The exfoliating properties come from volcanic rock (and the dried clay as you remove the mask!), which gently removes dead skin cells to make skin look brighter and reduce blackheads.

We could go on about this product all day with so many savvy ingredients but if you want to know more read the full article, its a thumbs up from us and Bey!

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Jennifer Aniston: Living Proof Curl Detangling Rinse

Jennifer Aniston (or Rachel from friends!) is the face of Living Proof and we do admire how great her hair looks but is the science behind her for this one?

This is not a conditioner but is meant to instantly detangle hair and the main ingredient is certainly a mouthful… Octafluoropentyl Methacrylate. We’re going to shorten it down to OFPMA! This is used to form a thin film around hair to smooth frizz but that is just the usual job of any emollient in hair care so what’s so exciting? OFPMA is also said to stop water loss from the hair to keep it hydrated and nourished and in terms of detangling hair it lubricates each hair so they slide past each other and right out that tangle. We have one big problem with this though… we just can’t find enough research to support the claims!

So the Geeks don’t agree with Jennifer Aniston’s love of this product and think there are better products on the market for detangling your curls.

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Read the full article here.

Serena Williams: Crème De La Mer, Moisturising cream 

Claiming to give us a rejuvenated and renewed complexion, with fewer visible wrinkles and pores and work for even the driest skin, not surprisingly this product has some celeb endorsement. Serena Williams swears by it and after a quick glance at the ingredients we aren’t too surprised…

Seaweed offers protection against UV, acts as an antioxidant and can prevent skin from drying out. However, Creme De La Mer don’t tell us exactly what kind of seaweed they use (and trust us there are more than you think!) so we can’t say how useful this is in this product.

Mineral oil has been used for hundred of years and today is used in moisturisers, not because it is a great moisturiser itself but because it stops water loss from the skin. It can also improve skin softness and it has the back up of sunflower seed oil to help hydrate skin! Beta-carotene is in this product too, as the body converts it into vitamin A, which triggers collagen synthesis to help the skin’s structure. Its also an antioxidant so can help fight off damaging free radicals.

We do like this product but we are not convinced it’s worth such a hefty price tag! Perhaps you need to be a world class tennis player to justify the spend on this one…

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Find the full article here.

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