Gone are the days of having to carry separate creams and lotions for each of our eye concerns, not to mention the range of concealers to match each of our specific blemishes. Charlotte Tilbury Mini Miracle Eye Wand could be the answer to our beauty dreams, as it combines an eye cream and an under eye concealer in one.

The Mini Miracle Eye Wand has been five years in the making and claims to be the antidote to tired, dull and exhausted under-eyes. Charlotte Tilbury claims to have created the appearance of eight hours sleep in two clicks by expertly covering dark circles and lines, smoothing out bags and brightening the eye contour and hydrating the skins surface for a dewy, luminous finish.

The Eye Cream: Claims

The hydrating eye cream claims to be enriched with specially tailored under-eye agents that make the skin feel firmer and tauter. Lets take a look at the science to see if it can back up these claims.

The science behind the bottle

It is jam-packed with super hydrating ingredients including shea butter, jojoba seed oil, sweet almond oil, squalene, sodium hyaluronate, borage seed oil, sunflower seed oil and glycerin (the list is endless…), which will hydrate the delicate skin around the eyes, making it appear healthier and more youthful.

The eye cream also boasts Tocopherol (Vitamin E), a potent antioxidant that can mop up damaging free radicals that could otherwise lead to signs of premature skin ageing. So far so good!

Hydrolysed rice protein is one of the big selling points of this cream, yet we couldn’t find much research (much to our disappointment) to suggest that it could ‘fight against the signs of ageing and fatigue, reducing the appearance bags under the eyes and inhibiting fat production as well as invigorating the skin’. Rice protein is a good moisturising agent, so will be able to add to the skins hydration and could help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles temporarily. This hardly matches our expectation from the claims though!

The Concealer: Claims

Inspired by photographer’s silver light reflector the light-weight ultra-brilliant light reflector is packed with “a million lights” micro-particles that brighten shadows, conceal discolouration and diffuse the appearance of under-eye hollows. We can’t wait to have a look at the ingredients to see if it can stand up to Beauty Geek scrutiny.

The science behind the bottle

The concealer contains numerous silicones, which help to smooth out any uneven areas of the skin that would normally collect make up, thereby giving our skin a better finish. Silicones also make your skin more hydrophobic (water-hating) as almost all make up is water insoluble, this will help make up to stay on for longer.

Like the eye cream, the concealer also contains vitamin E, so will be able to fight free radical damage and it gives the concealer an anti-ageing edge too.

The “million lights” light reflecting micro-particles advertised in this product are iron oxides, titanium dioxide and mica, which act the same way a highlighter would, to illuminate the skin for a brighter looking eye area. Despite the spectacular name, these ingredients aren’t very revolutionary and are found in most illuminating products.

The Verdict

We love the concept of this miracle wand and think it is the perfect solution for those of you wishing to top up your eye cream and concealer throughout the day or on the move. The Beauty Geeks have added this to our beauty arsenal for when we have really early starts, and long days spent travelling. The eye cream is really hydrating and the concealer will definitely brighten up your eyes and is capable of a light coverage. However, if it is a really good anti-ageing eye cream you are looking for, we’d have to suggest going elsewhere (we have loads of reviews on the blog!) as we didn’t think the eye cream formulation was exactly revolutionary.

If you would like to get hold of the Mini Miracle Eye Wand, you can do so here

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