The number one tip for fabulous skin is to take care of it, and we know only too well the trials and tribulations of selecting top-range toners, crucial cleaners and must-have moisturisers to create the ultimate illuminating skin regimen. But it’s not just products that make a difference – technique matters too. Long gone are the days where washing was only done with hands and soap. Several fancy gadgets are now on the market to turn beauty up to high-tech mode! Today, we’re looking at one such product – the Clarisonic Plus White for Face and Body. But is this a justified investment or an unnecessary gimmick?

The Claims
The Clarisonic Plus White for Face and Body is a vibrating brush designed for cleansing your face and body. It works by battery-powered bristle heads moving back and forth more than 300 times per second to clear the skin using its “sonic frequency”. Clarisonic claims its use removes more makeup than with your hands alone, aids better absorption of skin care products, leaves skin feeling smoother, tightens the appearance of visible pores and helps improve skin tone and texture. For a little demo – check out there video below!

The Science behind the Tech
The principle behind this brush is similar to that of the sonic toothbrush: optimised amplitude and frequency has been found to clean teeth more effectively than manual toothbrushing. Just like with toothbrushes, the bristles will likely get worn down and become less effective over time. Plus, the same way manual toothbrushes work just fine, washing with hands or washcloths will also get the job done, albeit perhaps not as easily. But what are the advantages of using this technology?!

The brush contains two types of bristles: deep-cleansing and bristles to sweep away surface debris. The action of these brushes helps clear skin surface debris away, and also acts as a mechanical exfoliator to remove older dead cells from the outermost layer of the skin. The idea is that the bidirectional (two directions) motion of the brush can gradually break the forces between dead skin cells, as well as tackling comedones (small bumps on the skin that are formed when pores become blocked) more effectively than the unidirectional (single direction) motion of some other rotary skin brushes.

The high speed of this brush increases dislodgement of the pore-blocking plugs, which are mixtures of sebum and skin cells, to help alleviate blocked pores and stave off breakouts. The bidirectional motion of the Clarisonic brush also places less strain on collagen fibers than unidirectional brushes, because it engages the elastic properties of the skin to reduce the chance of collagen damage.

But where does all this leave us on the claims for fighting fine lines, improve skin tone and texture and enhance absorption of skin care products?

As avid Beauty Geeks will already know, exfoliation (whether mechanically or with chemical exfoliators like hydroxy acids) had known benefits for the skin. Because this cosmetic technique reveals newer, healthier cells, exfoliation is known to improve skin texture and appearance (especially if we’ve been needing to get rid of excess skin cells for a while!). Exfoliation also promoted the removal of pigmented skin cells (keratinocytes) from the skin, leading to an overall lightening effect, which can help improve skin tone.

One of the big advantages of this technology is that it can help avoid inconsistency in cleansing (who hasn’t got in front of the mirror after a long day and just had a half-effort cleanse?!). This improves consistency is a big step towards better regular cleansing, and when used properly it also avoids risks of disruption the skin by over-cleansing or over-exfoliating.

The Verdict
If you are happy to splash the cash, Clarisonic Plus White seems like a great tool for achieving a more thorough cleanse. Clarisonic’s own research has shown the technology helps improve the absorbance of common cosmetic ingredient vitamin C, although we couldn’t verify this info away from their website. Providing a more even, enhanced daily cleansing experience, and with some interesting collagen-friendly exfoliating research behind it, this one gets our seal of approval!

You can find Clarisonic Plus White HERE

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