CLEAN & CLEAR Dual Action Moisturiser claims to moisturise your skin, leaving  it feeling super soft whilst also helping to prevent spots and blemishes.

For only £3.20, will Clean and Clear make my spots disappear?

Propylene Glycol
Propylene glycol is a humectant. It’s a welcome addition to any moisturiser as it is able to increase the water content of the skin by enhancing water absorption from the dermis to the epidermis (you can brush up your knowledge of the skin’s structure here). Humectants are also thought to be able to hydrate the skin by absorbing water from the air, to moisturise skin and leave it looking super soft! It seems that clean and clear have started of on the right note.

Salicylic Acid
Salicylic acid, a cosmetic beta hydroxyl acid, is something those exfoliating-enthusiasts among you may already be very well aware of.  Salicylic acid loosens the connections between cells in the uppermost layer of the skin. This allows this top layer of dead skin cells to fall away, so they can’t block our pores and lead to pesky spots! So that’s a tick for the preventing spots and blemishes claim.

Salicylic acid can also be useful for clearing up darkened areas of skin left after angry spots have (finally!) taken their leave. Hydroxy acids like salicylic acid have skin-brightening effects which are useful for tackling hyper pigmented skin left behind after inflammation, although studies looking at this effect have focussed on salicylic acid peels at higher concentrations that what’s found in this formulation.

Next up is glycerin, which is another great moisturising ingredient (and a BBTG favourite) so we’re pleased to see it included in this drug store moisturiser. Glycerin is ‘hygroscopic’ which means that it can absorb water from the air, bringing it to the skin to hydrate it. Not only that, glycerin can also help promote a more hydrated-like skin  lipid arrangement, even in dry conditions. When we have dry skin, our skins lipids (fats) are in a more solid arrangement, but ideally, we want them to be more fluid. Glycerin helps promote this more fluid lipid arrangement even when under dry conditions!

Palmitic Acid
Palmitic acid is a saturated fatty acid that is found naturally in the skin, and is its levels are known to decrease in aged skin. In moistusers, palmitic acid is a great emollient as it helps reinforce the skins healthy barrier function, to keep in that much needed moisture.

The Verdict
Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturiser gets a thumbs up from the Beauty Geeks as it has several great moisturising ingredients, while still able to prevent the outbreak of spots! However, we would have liked to see some more savvy science ingredients that have antimicrobial properties to deal with any spotty outbreaks, should they occur! For the price, this one’s definitely worth investing in!

You can find Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturiser HERE

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