Have you had your beauty sleep? We all know that a good night’s sleep benefits both mind and body, but even we must admit that when we heard about Illuminage’s Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase it was a first for us. A pillowcase that can turn back the years in your sleep? Surely not. Over at Illuminage however they tell us that this intelligent little textile wonder is ‘the ultimate solution to help maintain your skin’s youthful appearance and minimize the visible signs of ageing’.

The Claims

Ok so how on earth is this supposed to work? Unsurprisingly, this product’s claims are all based around the science of an active ingredient – copper oxide. What’s perhaps more surprising is that they are in fact supported by a double blind, placebo controlled, parallel, randomized clinical trial – didn’t see that one coming now did we? Ok Illuminage, you have our attention.

Copper vs. crow’s feet
It is widely recognised in scientific studies that copper plays an important role in the expression of extracellular skin proteins (those such as collagen that reside outside skin cells and provide support for the structure of the skin). Once it has induced the formation of these structural components, the presence of copper also helps to stabilise and maintain this structure, the key science behind plumping out those wrinkles and developing more youthful-looking skin. Although it’s sometimes a tricky one to find solid scientific evidence surrounding the health and beauty benefits of topical application of cosmetic ingredients, experiments using dermal exposure to copper ions (such as copper oxide) have in fact shown its beneficial effects on the visible signs of ageing.

Copper peptides (simply proteins that contain copper ions) have recently been added to skin cosmetics to increase skin tone and elasticity (something that ageing skin naturally begins to lose). Studies surrounding this beauty solution claim that copper peptides can actually remove skin damage, replacing it with newer skin (in other words kick-starting your skin’s remodelling process).

But back to Illuminage. We were promised science and they delivered science! Their 8-week-long study aimed to show a reduction of facial skin wrinkles with the use of copper oxide-impregnated fibres in their pillowcases in healthy volunteers aged between 30-60. Volunteers were randomly sorted into 2 groups: those receiving treatment and a control group who would be administered with exactly the same pillowcase under the same conditions minus only the copper oxide itself.

Expert graders were then used to observe any changes in the skin of both the copper-oxide-containing pillowcase-users and placebo groups at 4 and 8 weeks. Because this study was double-blind (neither expert nor volunteer knew whether they were in the control or treatment group), it is considered to be a trial of ‘gold standard’ where any significant differences in findings between control and treatment group could be assumed to be down to the presence of the copper alone. And they found just that.
After both 4 and 8 weeks, the appearance of crow’s feet was significantly reduced in those receiving copper only when compared to control, with a significant reduction in skin roughness being thrown in for good measure, averaging a decrease of around 9% per month! This study’s findings could lead to only one sensible conclusion – sleeping with your face in close proximity to copper oxide really can ion-out those wrinkles! (Sorry for the science pun!). Now you may be wondering if metal is really the way to go for sensitive skin, but human skin is fairly insensitive to copper and the risk of this product causing adverse reactions is relatively low, even in those with a more delicate visage.

The Verdict

Promising reviews by space.nk and Sephora customers claimed that this product did in fact carry out its pledged claims with some even commenting that it also decreased static in their hair and improved its condition! Many seemed to enjoy the feel of this product, which, at $60 a case is a necessary ask in something we’re hoping to give us a good night’s sleep! We must admit that we were sceptical at first, but the science behind the claims has us silenced. It’s quite literally gold standard lazy-girl skincare! What can we say? Apart from, possibly, ‘CU later wrinkles’ (sorry, we couldn’t resist)!

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