Phylia de M Condition claims to be a nutrient-rich hair conditioner designed to ‘protect your hair from damaging styling and colouring products’ as well as ‘strengthening your hair to its very best’.

The Claims

Phylia claim this product is a relaxing treatment that promotes “organic cell and keratin renewal” resulting in thicker locks and total hair health.

The Science Behind the Bottle

Conditioning Agents

After shampooing, hair is removed of all oil and dirt and over-clean hair can be static and difficult to style. This is where conditioners come in, as their primary function is to smooth hair, leaving it looking shiner and easier to style. Quartamin 60, glycerin, aloe, linolin and wheat protein are all hair conditioning agents included in Phylia de M’s conditioner and will help to lock in moisture in the hair shaft to keep hair looking and feeling healthy and to protect it from styling-induced damage.

Urtica Essence

Urtica essence (nettle flower) has long been used as an ‘at-home’ remedy for hair loss as it was believed to be able to stimulate hair growth. In vitro research (meaning carried out in test tubes rather than on real people) has shown that nettle flower extract has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, so could be useful in controlling scalp conditions like dandruff. However, as the research was not carried out on a human head, we can’t say for sure what the benefits urtica essence brings to this conditioner.

Rosemary Oil

On a more positive note, rosemary oil seems to be a good addition to this conditioner. When used topically, research has shown it can target the growth cycle of your hair and suggests it works by blocking the action of hormones called androgens on our hair follicles and this in turn helps to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Fulvic Acid

Last but not least is fulvic acid, which like in the shampoo (link to shampoo article here) acts as an anti-inflammatory. While this could help to improve scalp health, there isn’t much evidence to support the hair loss or cell renewal claims.

The Verdict
There’s no denying Phylia de M have packed an impressive amount of hair conditioning agents into their conditioner that will leave us with luscious-looking locks. Some of the ingredients may be able to interfere with the hair growth cycle and target hair loss, but there is not an overwhelming amount of evidence and we were definitely not convinced by the cell renewal claims. Unfortunately, like the shampoo, for the £30 price tag, we were expecting something a little more exciting and backed by some more impressive science, before we would consider investing.

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