As we delve further into the wintery cold months, does your beard in need of some loving? Or maybe a good old thank you condition for keeping your chin all lovely and snug. Or maybe your girlfriend has started to moan about bristly kisses. Well Us at Beauty by the Geeks have the perfect DIY for all you bearded readers!

This conditioning beard balm with tame your facial tresses and soothe any winter itches.

1 tbsp beeswax (can be substituted for vegan plant wax)
1 tsp shea butter
1 tsp jojoba oil or sweet almond oil
1 tsp argan oil
2 vitamin E capsule/ 4 drops vitamin E oil
2-3 drops vanilla essential oil

Personalise your beard balm to suit your beardy needs or favourite smells:

Any essential oil can be added as substitute to the vanilla oil so if there’s a scent you love add it in! Here are a few choices of oils that contain an added benefit.

o Sandalwood and cinnamon oils combined give a sexy spiced winter aroma
o Eucalyptus or tea tree oil can be added to combat blemish prone skin
o Peppermint oil can be used as an extra anti-itch ingredient
o Geranium oil is fantastic to calm reddened or inflamed skin

1. Melt the beeswax, shea butter, sweet almond or jojoba oil together on a low heat
2. Add your chosen manly flavours, try mixing and matching to find a unique scent…. add the vanilla essential oil along with the vitamin E
3. Stir the mixture well, pour into a container (kernel jars work very well) and allow for thorough solidifying overnight.

So how does our balm work?

Beeswax is rich in Vitamin A and has fantastic emollient properties that help in promoting cells to develop healthily. Whilst the beeswax helps your skin the Shea butter (which we use in a lot of our DIYs so stock up) is full of Vitamin A, E and F that provide intense moisturising helping in taming and softening your beard. Argan oil is widely used to soften hair but it is also a fantastic anti-oxidant protecting your beard from free radicals.

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