Being a little strapped for cash doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the skin care. With this savvy DIY recipe up your sleeve you can save those pennies and still look like a million bucks! And it’s all thanks to the cheap spice rack favourite: Ginger. 

2 tbsps of Oil – Can be Sunflower Oil/Olive Oil/Almond Oil – your choice or whatever is lying around your kitchen!

4 tbsps of brown sugar (we recommend using sugar with large granules, rather than fine granules)

3 or4 drops of ginger oil

1 tablespoons of ground ginger

Sprinkle in some cinnamon too to get you in the mood!

Mix all these ingredients together and BAM you have your new gorgeous ginger facial scrub! Wash your face with warm water then apply, rub gently, and rinse off. Simple, easy and affordable; what more could you want?

Savvy Scrub Science:

Ginger: The star of the show
Ginger has anti-ageing properties as contains anti-oxidants which fight against free radicals that cause cellular damage that is thought to manifest as skin ageing!. It’s known to stimulate collagen production, helping smooth out those wrinkles!

Ginger has impressive anti-inflammatory properties, which are down to its ability to reduce the production of the chemical messengers (cytokines) that promote inflammation. It has also been shown to aid wound healing. This is particularly handy for acne-prone skin, especially as ginger has antiseptic properties too.

All of these amazing ingredients lead to one overall result: cleansed, calmed skin with protection against spots and blemishes. Thank you ginger!

Almond Oil:
It’s great for keeping your skin well moisturized, and is also an anti-inflammatory helping calm redness. Another bonus is its anti-oxidant properties. Another one to add to our wrinkle busting list!

Brown Sugar:
The brown sugar granules act as an exfoliator to help get rid of some of those hard, dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. Exfoliation also boosts skin circulation, leaving us with skin that is oh-so soft and glowing! If you so suffer from dry skin, be sure to moisturise as soon as possible after using exfoliators to make sure the skin cells you’re exposing don’t dry out too!

So spice up your life and give this cheap, but effective scrub a go!

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