Dr. Perricone is a dermatologist and award winning author, with three of his books reaching the New York Times #1 Best Sellers. As if that isn’t impressive enough his ageing work has led to game changing new formulas and over 116 patents for the treatment of skin and systemic disease. So who better to fulfil your skin care needs than a leading authority on beautiful skin? With high hopes in this brand and quite frankly, a bit of a crush on the man behind it, we’ve put the Perricone MD hypoallergenic firming eye cream under our beauty-scope.

The Claims

This multitasking eye treatment cream is proposed to be the solution to your under-eye woes providing supreme hydration and leaving you with the perfect canvas for make-up application. This cream is said to firm the skin for those days when your make-up seems like it’s sitting in your skin rather than on top of it where it should be.

The Science behind the Bottle

A word on hypoallergenic

To start with we should probably address the fact that this cream claims to be hypoallergenic. This term is used a lot in the cosmetic world to suggest that something is relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. However, from brand to brand and product to product the meaning of that can be a little vague. In this case the formula is supposed to be gentle enough for sensitive skin, even after cosmetic procedures, but if the ingredients don’t agree with your skin a flare up could still be on the cards. If you’re picking this product on the basis of it being hypoallergenic then perhaps scrap that and try out a few products to find out what works for you!

That aside, there are a whole host of skin-loving ingredients in this formula so let’s see if this eye cream should be a staple addition to your beauty bag!

Olive Leaf and Olive Fruit Extract

You may be used to seeing olives in a salad or the garnish to your martini but this underrated fruit has also earned its place in the cosmetic world. This eye cream is formulated with oleuropein (olive leaf extract) and hydroxytyrosol (olive fruit extract), which have both been patented by Dr. Perricone for their therapeutic, regenerative and protective benefits.

Oleuropein was a fab find for the medical world and is often an added food supplements, but what can this wonder ingredient do for your skin? When applied topically oleuropein acts as a free radical scavenger and therefore is considered a skin protectant! If left to run amock these free radicals can manifest as premature ageing but oleuropein has the ability to chelate the metal ions involved in the reactions needed to generate free radicals. Goodbye free radicals, hello healthy undamaged skin! Another antioxidant in this formula is hydroxytyrosol but this ingredient has the added bonus of being readily absorbed into tissues to perform its scavenging duties. There is also some evidence that at the level of the skin, hydroxytyrosol unites with fatty acids making the perfect mixture for direct topical delivery through the epidermis membrane. This means that the formula will be able to reach the parts of your under eye that need some extra loving.

Hydrating Ingredients

Another thing to love about this cream is that not only will it be able to fight the signs of aging but it is also packed full of hydrating power! Humectants such as Glycerin and Butylene Glycol will help to retain the skin’s natural moisture and also have the ability to actively attract moisture for plumper looking skin.

This is already an impressive amount of hydration from one little cream but the formula also contains Capric Triglyceride whose chief role is to moisturise and replenish the skin! This ingredient is a mix of fatty acids which the skin can utilise to repair its surface and restore the skins barrier function in order to retain moisture, so our skin is always ready for make up application!

And last but not least on the long list of hydrating ingredients are Squalene and Panthenol, which can act to increase the moisture content of the skin and hydrated skin is happy skin! However, we should point out that these ingredients feature fairly low on the ingredients list, suggesting they are found in relatively low concentrations in the cream and so this will affect how well that are able to plump and moisturise the skin.

The Verdict

The patented power of olive polyphenols to hydrate and smooth the skin along with the many moisturising properties on the formula list show that Dr. Perricone must know a thing or two about the skin! For the skincare lovers amongst our beauty readers this cream will leave you with the perfect canvas for application and will be able to give your skin that extra hydration boost throughout the winter months. However, for a hefty £53 price tag, we expected a little something extra that could really wow the Geeks, aside from the good moisturising ingredients.

To get your hands on Perricone MD hypoallergenic firming eye cream, click here.

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