We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep in helping you look and feel great, so what better than a night cream to pop on and wake up feeling ready to take on the world? Here at Beauty by the Geeks we’ve put the Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream under our beauty microscope. At £95 for 50ml we’re expecting some serious science to back up their claims before we start dishing out our hard earned cash.

The Claims
If you want to firm, smooth and replenish your skin, all while you get your 8 hours of beauty sleep a night, Elemis say that this cream is for you. This oxygenating night cream, packed with ingredients hoping to promote collagen, claims to help with your skin’s natural regeneration process. It’s suitable for all skin types so that you wake up with firmer looking skin whilst helping to fight signs of premature ageing. So can the science back up the claims or will we be left unconvinced? There’s only one way to find out…

The Science behind the Bottle
Independent clinical trials in 2006 supposedly showed that this cream can increase oxygen levels by up to 41%, stimulate collagen synthesis and provide anti-oxidant and anti-ageing protection to the skin. So what of the active ingredients in this cream make it so special and why are all these effects so good for our skin?

Padina Pavonica
The first of the ingredients under our microscope is Padina pavonica, a marine algae found in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. If you’re a fan of the blog I’m sure you’ll have read about the power of the humble antioxidant making it a hit in a multitude of skin care products. No matter how well you protect your skin from the elements day to day damage from the environment is normal. From city pollution to the sun’s UV rays, your skin sees a lot of external stressed during the day leaving your skin a little unhappy!

Padina pavonica is packed full of antioxidant power to help keep these stresses at bay.  This power is really important for getting rid of pesky free radicals which can otherwise build up and cause damage that is thought to lead to premature ageing!

And if that isn’t enough for you? Well Padina pavonica also stimulates synthesis of glycosaminoglycans (don’t worry, we won’t be testing you on all these names!). The main role of these molecules is to maintain and support collagen, elastin and turgidity (plumpness) in the cellular spaces. Mixed into the Oxygenating Night Cream, this nifty little molecule should help keep skin collagen and elastin on top form. These are key molecules in the structural network of the skin so maintaining them will leave the dermis pumped (good bye sagging and wrinkles!).. It seems like Elemis are holding up on their claims to improve skin suppleness, firmness and elasticity.

Laminara digitata
Laminara digitata is another key component to this cream which is said to help maintain optimum skin conditions. This seaweed extract is a blend of minerals, amino acids, vitamins and polysaccharides which are believed to function as moisturising agents helping to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any robust studies of topical use of this seaweed on the skin’s appearance and structure.  One to keep an eye on we think!

Red Algae
Along with Laminara digitata, red algae is also full of minerals and polysaccharides (they’re just sugar chains!) which have both moisturising and therapeutic effects. Components from red algae called “carrageenans”, which are large and flexible helix-like molecules, are the main moisturising polysaccharides in red algae that are used in cosmetics. But more importantly, red algae acts as an antimicrobial able to kill fungi and bad bacteria in order to maintain skin flora in a state of balance.

Some red algae have protective properties against UV light, as they act to absorb these potentially harmful rays. This is a potential safeguard against photoageing (the accelerated ageing process brought about by the sun). The formula doesn’t specify an exact type of red algae used, so we’re not 100% that this is the case for this product, but here’s hoping!

The Verdict
Looking at the facts we really can’t deny that Elemis have done their homework and there is some seriously savvy-science in this little pot of joy. Pro-collagen and moisture-boosting claims get a massive tick from The Geeks. Antioxidant properties and potential UV-protecting extracts may help keep environmental stresses from stealing our youthful appearance, while hydration helps plump out skin (and wrinkles with it!). One thing we haven’t found is anything that helps ‘oxygenate’ and regenerate  the skin as this product’s name would suggest (other than promoting overall skin health and hydration).

At nearly £100 for a 50ml pot of the Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream, the hefty price tag is enough to make anyone sceptical. With its antioxidant power, collagen strengthening properties and hydrating effects this night cream certainly promotes that all-important “beauty sleep”. If you’ve got the cash to splash, we’d be happy to recommend this one. So to splurge, or not to splurge, that is the question for all of us…

If you fancy trying Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream, you can find it HERE.