Lifting tape has divided opinion in the beauty world. There is no doubt the tape can smooth out wrinkles and pull skin back into it’s former youth, but the prospect of any lasting improvements have caused a clash of viewpoints. Estée Lauder are fighting the negativity with their New Dimensions Expert Lifting Tape which is packed with antiaging beauty favourites. Facelift in a tube? Let’s have a look.


Estee lauder claim that “every angle becomes your best angle” with this treatment and that ‘over time’ the New Dimension Expert lifting tape’s “pro-collagen technology” will help to firm, tone and give a more sculpted, lifted look around your eyes. The lifting tape is part of the New Dimensions product line that promises plumper, firmer skin and to define your existing facial contours.

The Film

From the name, you might expect the lifting tape to come on a reel but actually it is formed by a group of film forming agents, which solidify when they come into contact with your skin. The idea behind the tape is that once dried, it will physically smooth out wrinkles by pulling your skin tight, whilst also delivering a hit of anti-ageing ingredients. It’s easier to explain the recommended application technique visually, so we’ve included Estee Lauders video below:

We think the film is a bit of a gimmick and just adds a whole extra level of hassle to your skincare regime as the film is easily broken when make-up/more products are applied and once broken, it just seems to peel off. Not a great look.


Essential in any anti-ageing mix, antioxidants deal with damage on a microscale. You will have probably heard of free radicals before, these are damage causing agents that run havoc through your skin cells. Luckily antioxidants stop these free radicals and save your skin from extra stresses. Just like you, your skin looks so much younger the less stressed it is.

To maximise protection from the damage caused by free radicals, Estee Lauder have piled in a whole host of antioxidants! From pea extract, brown algae and coffee seed, to some multifunctioning antioxidants, chamomile, date extract, soybean and vitamin C. Chamomile and date extract are anti-inflammatory to soothe angry skin while soybean and Vitamin C have skin brightening properties. However, if the product is applied like instructed, you will get hardly get the benefit of all these ingredients, as the product is only applied to select parts of the skin and not directly on all problem areas.

Increased Collagen Production

The major claim of the New Dimension Lifting Tape was that it used “pro-collagen technology” as the key to it’s success. Although both Commiphora Mukul Resin Extract and Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12 do have some research behind them that suggests that they could stimulate collagen production, it’s very limited. Even if this “pro-collagen technology” did increase collagen, it would be in very specific areas and it’s really unlikely this would be powerful enough to rival the effects of a good anti-ageing serum (with more proven ingredients!) or a facelift.

Moisturising Ingredients

Looking after your skin barrier is crucial to ensuring a plumper complexion. Glycerin, trehalose, sodium hyaluronate, Butylene Glycol and urea all give your skin that little extra pampering and help it to hold onto the moisture it already has. Hydrated skin is healthy skin.

The Verdict

Although this product does contain some great anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and moisturising ingredients, we feel that they get lost in the gimmick that is application process of the film forming agents and they would actually be much better placed in a serum. Some users have recommended mixing it with other skincare products to apply it more generally, but this seems like a lot of effort and renders the lifting tape concept useless. All in all, the geeks are unimpressed, we’re going to be sticking to our contour kits to give us that lift.

If you would like to find Estee Lauder New Dimensions Expert Liquid Tape, you can get it here (for the best price!)

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