‘Detox’ is the word on everyone’s minds in 2016 and Estée Lauder’s NightWear Plus Anti-Oxidant Night Detox Crème could be just the thing to help perk our skin up. Simple day-to-day life exposes our skin to stressors and we’re hoping Estee Lauder has the perfect remedy.

The Claims

Estée Lauder claims that this creme can ‘detoxify, sooth, intensely hydrate – all while you sleep’. It also contains ingredients to protect the skin from signs of premature ageing that are also featured in the famous Estee Lauder DayWear Creme. After reading endless five star reviews from happy customers and seeing a few ‘out of stock’ signs online we’ve got high expectations for this!

The Science behind the Bottle

Algae Extract

Although algae may not sound too appealing, Estee Lauder have included Laminaria ochroleuca, better known as brown seaweed in their formula as algae are organisms that have adapted to living in all sorts of harsh conditions by producing a wide range of compounds that can withstand heat, cold and UV radiation, amongst other stresses. Any Beauty Geeks out there will know that the skin faces these stresses too, and that’s how algae came to be in our skincare. We found this extract to be a pretty good anti-inflammatory, chemicals and the sun’s UV rays can irritate our skin and make it produce cytokines as a result. These can then lead to dermatitis (red and inflamed skin), which ideally we’d like to avoid! But don’t despair because some components in this seaweed extract can decrease our cytokine production, leading to soothed skin (as promised in the claims). As an added bonus, fucosterols are fatty acids found in brown seaweed and could help to protect your skin from photoaging by blocking collagen breakdown by enzymes, so helping to keep our skin looking younger for longer!

Moisturising Ingredients

Five ingredients in and we’re impressed – we’ve already spotted our beloved glycerin and shea butter. Hydration? Check. Shea butter absorbs rapidly into the skin and can help skin to retain water due to its fatty acid components! On top of being a fab moisturiser, it has antioxidant properties and has been found to calm redness and skin irritation too. Glycerin is another BBTG favourite and is a humectant meaning it can attract water from lower layers up to the outermost layer of the skin to hydrate it and leave skin looking plumper and healthier. Last but by no means least is squalane, which is similar in molecular structure to the natural skin lipid squalene that is a component of human sebum and a natural moisturiser. Thanks to this exceptional likeness, squalane acts as an excellent skin emollient and is easily absorbed to help restore the skin’s natural moisture balance in these cold winter months.


Antioxidants can decrease the damage caused by the environment and UV exposure and can help to prevent premature skin ageing. They work synergistically, which means the effects of each antioxidant add up to create a huge effect – so the more antioxidant ingredients, the better! Thankfully this creme contains a medley of botanicals with antioxidant properties such as wheat, coffee and grape seed extracts. They do this by ‘mopping up’ any dangerous free radicals that may have formed in our cells, therefore preventing damage.


Although Estée Lauder have included many wonderful ingredients in this little jar, be wary as the product is not fragrance-free. The creme is designed reduce skin irritation but the fragrance in the creme could trigger more irritation in sensitive skin!

The Verdict

Although the NightWear Plus Anti-Oxidant Night Detox Creme contains plenty of antioxidants that are able to help prevent premature skin ageing and algae extract and moisturising ingredients which can ‘soothe and intensely hydrate’ as promised in the claims, we’re not so sure how the product is able to ‘detoxify’ our skin. For £46 per jar, we’d like to see something a little more impressive, as you can find some of the ingredients included in this product for a fraction of the price elsewhere.

You can find Estee Lauder NightWear Plus Anti-Oxidant Night Detox Creme here (UK) and here (USA)

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