With their witty product names, eye-catching packaging and variety of both skincare and makeup treats, Soap and Glory have fast-become one of The Geeks’ favourite beauty brands! When we spotted this little crow’s-feet-corrector on the shelves we couldn’t resist taking a closer look at the ingredients to find out what’s really going on in that retro pot of promise. We are, of course, talking about “The Fill Monty” Instant Wrinkle Filler!

Used as a kind of primer to prep the face before makeup application, this product aims to smooth skin by filling in and reducing the appearance of fine lines like crow’s feet – so how savvy is the science?

Amongst their listings of the usual moisturising and skin-softening ingredients like glycerine and caprylyl glycol Soap and Glory also boast the use of virtual retouching technology ™ – so what’s that when it’s at home then?! This refers mainly to the use of nylon-12 Fluorescent Brightener 230 Salt. Nylon-12 is a particle in the micron size range whose light-scattering properties allow it to produce a ‘soft-focus’ or ‘optical blurring’ effect. Combining with it a fluorescent compound before encapsulating this nylon-12 support enables these particles to absorb UV light and re-emit it as visible light, which is used to brighten up and illuminate the shadows in any skin-imperfections such as wrinkles and enlarged pores. Clever eh! That’s one optical illusion we’re quite happy to be fooled by!

Silicones such as cyclopentasiloxane work as a lubricant in this product to help with ease of application and have also been suggested to help soothe and soften skin by preventing trans epidermal water loss (TEWL), thus maintaining existing moisture in the skin. There are some whispers around the web that cyclopentasiloxane has some capacity to tackle the appearance of wrinkles, but we couldn’t find any explicit research on this potential bonus.

Soap and Glory also refer to their unique Energinzeng™ compound which they claim helps to boost circulation and re-energise tired skin. For all the searching we did, we couldn’t find much else from Soap and Glory or any other cosmetic sites on this specific compound. A closer look at the ingredients list however identified the inclusion of panax ginseng root extract which, due to its name, we assume may well form part of this complex. Studies testing the effect of panax ginseng root extract found that this ingredient promoted collagen production in dermal fibroblast cells (cells in the skin’s dermis layer that generate connective tissue such as the collagens). These findings suggest that when applied topically to human skin this ingredient could the production of type 1 collagen, a major structural component of the skin that naturally depletes with ageing. Nothing about circulation-boosting but surely this will structural boost should help to rejuvenate tired skin!

Rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fats, free amino acids, vitamin and minerals, royal jelly has been thrown around the cosmetic scene for a fair old while now. More than just a regal-sounding addition to awaken your inner Queen (or King!), this ingredient’s health and beauty benefits are vast – from topical applications in haircare and skincare to helping keep diabetes and blood sugar in check when taken orally! Soap and Glory’s inclusion of this little wonder may help to protect skin against ultraviolet B-induced photoageing, according to some studies. These experiments tested the ability of royal jelly’s primary unsaturated fatty acid (called 10-HDA) to stimulate collagen production in human dermal fibroblasts (like those mentioned before) exposed to UVB radiation. After exposure, the royal-jelly- treated cells showed an increased level of procollagen type 1 (that goes onto create that all-important collagen), showing promise as defensive agent against UVB photodamage when used as a topical ingredient in skincare.

Hyaluronic acid included in Soap and Glory’s formula is another common cosmetic ingredient that’s received a lot of press in recent years. This little sugar molecule can be naturally found between key components of the skin (like collagen), and is renowned for its moisture-boosting and skin-plumping properties. These are due to its ability to hold up to a thousand times its own weight in water! (That’s a mammoth amount of moisture!). This hydration surge prepares skin for makeup application by decreasing chances of that flaky-cakey effect that can be oh-so-unwelcome in winter whilst also lifting the layers of the epidermis. This skin lifting not only plumps out the appearance of fine lines, but also frees up space for vital cellular functions to take place (collagen generation, improved circulation etc.) – all hail the heavenly hyaluronic acid!

Although some of the key ingredients evaded us (we couldn’t find what their Frozone™ ingredient consisted of or the science behind its ‘reduction in fine line appearance’, and we never got to the bottom of those circulation-boosting claims – sorry Soap and Glory!) the reasonable price of this product (£10 for a 12ml tube) and the science behind many of its claims do make this little wrinkle-filler seem rather appealing. A mixed bag of reviews suggest that this isn’t going to turn back the clock on deep wrinkles, but perhaps it’s worth a try for those looking to ease their way into the anti-ageing product scene!

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