Who doesn’t want to look radiant? The Beauty Geeks have investigated how you can get your skin to achieve that ‘just got back from a weekend in the country’ glow (without actually having to take a trip to the countryside)…


The top layer of skin cells is dead, as well as this being a contributor to spot formation, it also makes our skin look quite dull! If you want to say goodbye to tired looking skin, exfoliation is the key. As you probably know, the Geeks love AHA’s (these tend to appear as glycolic acid or salicylic acid on the side of products). AHA’s are chemical exfoliants, which break down the connections between adjacent skin cells, allowing the top layer of cells to fall away, exposing those lovely fresh skin cells beneath. There are other good, gentle exfoliators that aren’t AHAs too but the key word here is gentle. Harsh exfoliation will only result in redness and irritation and not that healthy a glow we’re after!

Make sure you moisturise

Moisturising is really important in keeping your skin hydrated and healthy and by doing so, minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Moisturisers form a barrier across the skin to decrease a process called trans epithelial water loss (TEWL for short), which is the sneaky evaporation of water from the skin into the atmosphere. A good moisturiser should leave your skin looking healthy and glowing. Alternatively, you could try a tinted moisturiser, as this has all the benefits of moisturiser but with the added bonus of leaving you with a natural looking flawless complexion!

Slather on the sunscreen

We know, we know, you’ve heard it all before, but wearing sunscreen is the single best thing you can do to look after your skin and keep it looking really radiant. Did you know that 90% of winkles are caused by sun exposure? Well now you do, make sure you apply that sunscreen every day, Beauty Geeks! No slacking during winter either, as the sun’s rays can be just as strong, even if it is not as hot. When it comes to tanning, the BBTG motto is ‘fake it, don’t bake it’, so reach for that tan in a bottle as it can give you that sun-kissed glowing look without any of the health risks associated with a real tan!

Beauty sleep is a real thing

Clinical studies have shown that sleep deprivation can lead to the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes, as well as pale skin and an increased appearance of lines and wrinkles. We know that probably seems quite an obvious one, but it’s nice to have some science to back it up! So aim for 8 hours a night to get the glow (and as a bonus it will probably increase your mood the following day too).

Take your make up off before bed

We know it’s so tempting to forget all about your cleansing routine when you’ve had a really long day and want nothing more to crawl into bed. However, leaving your make up on overnight can clog pores, which leads to spotty outbreaks (not to mention panda eyes the following morning).
And if all else fails, remember you can fake that glow with a good highlighter ladies!

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