Whether you’re off on your holibobs to show off your new summer wardrobe or hitting the sunny bars in your own country, this is a great time of year! Great for you, great for everyone, but sometimes not so great for your skin! From sun cream, to after sun, to your summer goddess make up, your pores are at risk of getting clogged up and causing pesky breakouts. So here at Beauty by the Geeks we’ve put GlamGlow’s Supercleanse Daily Treatment Cleanser to the test to see if we can rid our pores of all things bad.

GlamGlow was originally designed for exclusive backstage use in Hollywood and became available worldwide in 2011 so everyone can feel like the star of their own movie. This may be one of the hottest brands in skincare right now but can the science live up to the hype?

The Claims
The bright sparks at GlamGlow have been developing their “supermud” clearing treatment for years and supercleanse is the next step in their cosmetic timeline. This interesting cleanser transforms from mud into a foaming lather to dissolve the dirt, oil, and makeup that can clog pores, all to leave your skin feeling fresher and blemish free! The special formula has been designed to create a super clear complexion, perfect for enhancing your summer glow! But does it live up to these claims?

The Science behind the Bottle
So the big questions are “what’s in this formula that makes it work?” and “what type of skin is it good for?” The scary list of hard to pronounce ingredients can be a little off-putting, but can essentially be broken down into things that are good for your skin and things that might not be so good…

The Good
“Teaoxi technology” is a fancy term that GlamGlow have used for their special blend of molecules and a key ingredient. In the science world this key ingredients is better known as Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Powder, which delivers natural linalool oil and eucalyptol. Most importantly, however, this formula is packed full of powerful flavonoids which is great news for your skin!

Antioxidant power
Flavonoids have been found to work really well as antioxidants, protecting the skin from the stresses of free radicals which could otherwise manifest in your skin as premature ageing.

Anti-microbial activity
Eucalyptol is also an anti-microbial agent. These greatly reduce the growth of bacteria. When your pores get clogged up with dirt, the gland underneath continues to produce oil which makes a fantastic breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. The anti-microbial action of this cleanser will help keep that bacteria at bay and keep a breakout from ruining your day.

Some not-so-great things…
Having scoured the internet for reviews of what you real-life beauties think of this cleanser it became clear that opinions were pretty mixed. The biggest complaint was that the cleanser was too drying to the skin and may be too harsh for everyday use. This cleanser contains Cetearyl alcohol which may be at the heart of some of these unhappy customers. Alcohols are astringent, which means it’s effective in cleaning the skin and tightening the pores. Great for oily skin, but not so great for others!

Drying properties
Alcohol is a drying agent so if you have a dry or normal complexion you may find this product to be too harsh on your skin, especially in the drying sun! Many of us are ditching formulations with alcohols and switching to more moisture-preserving alternatives! Lush’s Ultrabland Cleanser which we recently looked at is just one alcohol-free example!

The Alcohol Debate…
There’s still huge debate around alcohols in skin care. In labs, it’s been shown that even in small amounts it can induce skin cell death (not a recipe for perfect skin!), but alcohols have been used successfully for years and years.  This product likely doesn’t contain high amounts of alcohols, but those who prefer alcohol-free prods may look elsewhere for cleansing skin care!

The Verdict
So now we’ve looked at the good, the bad and the ugly of The GlamGlow Supercleanse Daily Treatment Cleanser. It’s safe to say the reviews on this one are a mixed bag – you either love it or you hate it (what we call skincare marmite!). Despite the promise of the brand, the potential for irritation and dry skin may not be worth the risk for our dry skin beauties.

For those with oily skin the astringent and antimicrobial properties this cleanser is a good option for you to help keep acne at bay. But we have to admit this product seems to be missing that wow-factor we expect from GlamGlow. There is not really enough pore-cleansing and complexion-perfecting science for The Geeks to get behind this product. When similar products are available for a fraction of the cost, we’re finding it hard to give this our full support. For now it’s thumbs down from us for summertime, but get in touch and let us know which side of the marmite-o-meter you’re on!

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