High Street: Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream 

High End: La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Lift Cream

 One of the big beauty bothers we get asked about is tired-looking eyes which need a bit of a wake-up and although sold on two very different active ingredients, these two both have several ingredients in common all focused on putting a gleam in our eyes once again!

High Street

The name GinZing comes from the fact that their prime ingredient is Panax Ginseng, which is meant to be the wonder ingredient in this eye cream! Ginseng contains flavonoids, which are antioxidants and protect cells from stresses to help slow the visible signs of ageing. Perfect to use around the eye, which shows these signs early on!

Another problem with eyes is puffiness and as ginseng is anti-inflammatory it combats this too by reducing the amount of fluid escaping from blood vessels and entering the tissue. Next up is dark circles, it turns out ginseng seems to work for this too! In some cases the dark circles are due to too much coloured pigment and ginseng can reduce this. However, it is more likely that blood is pooling in the tiny capillaries under the eye, and although some evidence suggests ginseng could help we are skeptical, as this depends on how the ginseng was processed.

Origins eye cream also contains caffeine, which certainly wakes us up from the inside but what can it do from the outside? It has a good start as it is absorbed into the skin easily but after this things don’t go so well. There is little evidence to back up the claims that caffeine will improve circulation which would help get rid of dark circles due to blood pooling.

A little bit of hydration never hurts and origins know this, as they have included shea butter, olive oil and glycerin, some of our top moisturising ingredients! There’s also a tonne more anti-oxidants packed in this little pot that we can’t squeeze into this article but you can find details in the full review here.

This product has some great ingredients for £20.00 a pot and will definitely help to prevent and reduce fine lines and add radiance!

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High End

Caviar may seem like an odd choice for a beauty product and it is certainly the reason for such a hefty price tag but could fish eggs be the solution for our tired eyes? Just like many other fishy products caviar contains several fatty acids, which are in the omega fatty acids family. We know omega-3 in particular has benefits to eat but there is less evidence on the topical application.

First of all, the fatty acids will benefit the skins barrier, keeping it hydrated, which is always important. There is also the possibility that it could prevent other molecules from breaking down such as our all important collagen. Omega-3 may also protect us from inflammation and damage, perfect!

However, all the benefits we could find from caviar were from the omega fatty acids, so we don’t really see why this had to be included in the ingredients as they also use shea butter (just like origins!), which contains the same omega fatty acids but for a much better price.

In terms of antioxidants La Prairie have included several ingredients including the shea butter, vitamin E and, believe it or not, ginseng – our selling point from origins!!

For the dark circles, again much like origins, caffeine is included but La Prairie do have little extra, in the form of linoleic acid from the caviar. This is thought to work against the excess pigmentation and works with salicyclic acid, although we are not sure if the concentration of this is enough to show its effects in the eye cream.

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The cheapest we found La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Lift Cream is HERE

Our Verdict:

With so many ingredients in common and nothing particularly spectacular about the caviar in La Prairie (that can’t be found in other ingredients anyway!), we are hitting the high street for this one! You can join us and get Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream on OFFER HERE

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