We’ve all heard that eyes are the window to the soul, but what people don’t tell you is that they can also showcase what’s been happening in your life – whether you’ve had one too nights on the town, been working late or maybe slacking on your skincare!

What causes puffy eyes?

Nearly everyone has woken up with swollen, puffy eyes at some point and has resorted to desperately searching for that ‘miracle cure’ that beauty brands have been offering us. However, puffy eyes aren’t a simple cosmetic concern and there are many factors that can contribute to their appearance so the Geeks wanted to set the record straight and offer some respite for those who suffer from unwanted puffiness!

One of the main causes of puffy eyes is water retention around the eye area, known as edema, which can be as a result of several factors (just to complicate it). The first one is our head position when we sleep. Sleeping flat allows fluid to collect in the tissue around our eyes so sleeping with your head slightly elevated, maybe with an extra pillow, could help to prevent fluid retention. If you still wake up with puffiness, then gently massaging the affected area could help reduce swelling.

Another factor that can influence puffy eyes is sleep deprivation, as lack of sleep can increase our blood pressure, which causes blood vessels to constrict, forcing fluid into the tissue around our eye area. So it’s possible to reduce puffiness by getting the recommended 7 hours a night (any excuse for an extra few minutes in bed, hey?)

We’re sure everyone has experienced puffy eyes when waking up after a few too many cocktails the night before but why does it happen? Our diet can be a factor in puffiness too, excess alcohol and a diet high in salt can also cause water retention and swelling, not just around our eyes, but it is most noticeable here as the skin is thinner than the rest of our bodies. By reducing alcohol, salt and making sure we drink enough water, it can make a massive difference to that party-induced puffiness.

Allergies and skin irritation can also play a large role in the development of puffy eyes. Allergens could be in the air, as a result of rubbing your eyes with allergens on your fingers or perhaps something you are applying on your skin as part of your beauty regime. First things first, try not to rub your eyes (we know its easier said than done) as this will cause inflammation, making the swelling worse! Instead, you could take an anti-histamine, which should be able to reduce inflammation, apply a cold press to your eyes to soothe the area and trying to eliminate the irritant in your skincare routine can help too.

But what about topical treatments?

The best way to tackle puffiness topically is an eye cream that is rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant agents. Some of the Geeks favourite ingredients to look out for are aloe vera, liquorice extract, caffeine and green tea extract (we have loads of products with these ingredients on our blog!)

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