Lots of Beauty Geeks want to know how to get longer and thicker luscious locks, so we looked into the hair science to compile you a list of top tips…

As far as thickness goes, there have been many studies on hair loss, which have found some interesting ingredients, which could stimulate your hair follicles to grow and therefore make our hair thicker!

The hair follicles are the important parts and they, unlike the actual hair we see, need vitamins and nutrients to promote growth. These nutrients are delivered from our blood stream so the best thing we can do is have a balanced and healthy diet, but we should point out that we do not mean supplementation as there is very little evidence that this does any good. Even overdoing it on the vitamins can make the situation worse and promote hair loss. However, as promising as this sounds the diet of a healthy individual is only a small factor in how your hair grows.

The best topical treatment for hair loss we’ve found is Minoxidil (the focus of one of our Molecular Mondays), which is found in treatments like Rogaine. For this ingredient the effective concentration ranges between 2-5% so look out for this (or see products below!). However, as good as this treatment is, continuous use is needed in order to keep seeing the benefits.

Here are a few products containing Minoxidil:

Another good hair loss ingredient is topical caffeine as found in Alpecin shampoo, and this has proved to be a hit! The caffeine gets into the hair follicle and there is some science behind its growth promoting actions. However, this product was developed specifically for male scalps and has a pretty masculine scent, but the actives are also said to be effective for women, although theres less research to support this. For the price it is definitely worth a try though (some of the geeks love it!) but we dont think theres enough independent evidence to say that it would work for everyone.

To find out more, read our article here or to try Alpecin, you can find it here.

We do need point out there is no miracle cosmetic product to reduce hair loss (if there was no-one would go bald!) or that makes your hair instantly thicker, despite marketing claims! The ones weve mentioned should help stimulate hair growth but the most promising instant results are often found with products that make the hair appear to be thicker and dont actually make it any thicker. As any hair you can see is already dead, it is not much use adding anything to the hair shaft itself to try to make it permanently thicker either. Many of the products that claim to do this are likely to just coat your hair in things like silicones/proteins (e.g volumising shampoo, treatments etc.). This applies to hair sand, sea salt spray and dry shampoo too; the product build up makes the hair appear thicker after styling. The results can be really good though so as the old saying goes, fake it till you make it. 

For those of you who want to know more about hair loss, head to our science behind the problems page for more info!

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