Winter is full in force! Temperatures are dropping, snow is approaching, and noses are becoming as red as Rudolph’s. At this time of year it’s important to turn up the heating, turn on the Christmas tunes and fine-tune the use of hydrating products in our skincare regime! We’ve cast our eye on the much-hyped Super Facialist Hydrating Rose Facial Oil by Una Brennan.

Mentioned by A Model Recommends and Caroline Hirons, we think it’s time to get our Geek on and find out whether this product delivers the science to leave our skin supple and soft this Christmas.

This Rose Facial oil is a pre-cleanse treatment facial oil that claims to assist in eliminating impurities from the skin whilst encouraging natural cell regeneration. So how does it do this?

Raspberry oil contains high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are components of skin cells. They play an essential role in the maintenance of the outer layer of the skin, increase the sunburn threshold and aid skin repair – all excellent beauty benefits. Whilst it may not seem that our skin needs much protection from the sun at the moment, the outer layer provides a barrier to keep moisture locked in, and so anything that helps preserve this is a plus in our books! We took a closer look at omega fatty acids in our Molecular Mondays feature a while back, so head over and check that out if you’re an avid Beauty Geek!

Carrots are known for their numerous health benefits, but it’s the oil of the seed that we’re interested in here. Carrot seed oil, along with sweet almond oil, geranium oil and tocopheryl acetate contains natural antioxidants to help keep skin young-looking. Carrot seed oil also contains vitamin A, which helps cell growth. Topical vitamin A has also been shown to have a number of benefits to the skin, including improving the appearance of naturally aged skin (it’s never too late to keep ourselves looking young!).

There’s more! Sunflower-seed oil aids repair and hydrates skin, whilst cucumber seed oil helps prevent melanin production and could help to balance skin tone. The benefits really are mounting up with these oils!

It seems this product contains plenty of natural oils that are kind to skin and will help keep dry and itchy patches away this winter! This could be an ideal solution for last-minute beauty gifts for Crimbo – treating a loved one by letting them treat themselves! To get your hands on this treat, click HERE.