Caviar is normally found on our plates, so what is it doing in our skincare?

Caviar contains oleic and linoleic fatty acids (from the Omega-6 family), which are naturally found in our skin and are components of our skins barrier, so when applied topically they can aid moisturisation of the skin to keep it hydrated and happy. This is the main benefit of caviar, and doesn’t really make it stand out from a lot of other skincare ingredients.

Caviar also contains some other fatty acids like arachidonic and eicosapentaenoic acids, which are from the Omega-3 family and have been found in some studies to promote collagen production when applied topically. Eicosapentaenoic acid also has a role in photo protection and anti ageing. It stops our cells from producing an enzyme called MMP-1 which is responsible for breaking down our collagen when exposed to UV light, so it could help to preserve the collagen we have and help us look younger for longer. However, there isn’t very much research on this, especially not topical, so we are still a bit sceptical.

The Verdict

Going off the current research, caviar isn’t quite the luxury must-have ingredient that we expected it to be. Given it’s hefty price tag, The Geeks think you’re better investing in a more proven (and cheaper!) anti-ageing ingredients!

If you have a caviar budget, eating it will give you more benefit from this luxurious ingredient than slathering it on your face!

Still fancy a caviar beauty splurge? Here’s a product with the ingredient in. You can read the full product review here.


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