Glycolic acid (known in the beauty world as alpha hydroxy acid or AHA’s for short) is a wonder ingredient, found in so many of the anti-ageing products on the high street. And with good reason too…at low concentrations, glycolic acid can break down the connections between adjacent skin cells, effectively causing them to ‘become loose’ and fall away. This allows the top layer of dead skin cells to shed, making way for the newer skin cells beneath, contributing to a brighter complexion.

At higher concentrations, AHA’s are capable of opposing UV-induced skin ageing by reversing markers of photo ageing. That’s not all though, it can also increase the quality of the elastic fibres found within our skin, to maintain it’s suppleness, as well as increasing our beloved collagen production to keep skin looking plump and youthful!

Glycolic acid has a massive thumbs up from the Beauty Geeks! Below we have listed some products containing Glycolic acid that you may be interested in:


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