After speaking with our experts we couldn’t help but pick up some insider secrets and in a chat about beauty trends one thing left us intrigued. If this isn’t already on your beauty radar, it should be…

The baobab tree is an image of Africa and even if you don’t recognise the name we are sure you would know it if you saw it! We think that this tree could soon be well known for a very different reason – use in cosmetics!

The research available at the moment is very limited and only a handful of cosmetics contain baobab oil but the science so far suggests that this could be the next big thing, so be on the look out!

We think this could be the new craze!

We want a lot more science before we see this in our skincare routine but so far here is what we know…

Also known as Adansonia digitata, or the upside down tree, the baobab has been used in Africa for almost everything including wound care, bath oils, moisturisers and hair conditioning. This slightly scented golden yellow oil is classified as non-drying to our skin and contains a whole bunch of fatty acids, the main ones being palmitic acid and oleic acid, to help keep skin hydrated.

Palmitic acid is a saturated fatty acid and is great in a moisturiser as it is also found naturally in the skin so will act to reinforce the skins barrier when applied topically, avoiding water loss. The oleic acid will also help to moisturise alongside linoleic acid too!

Another component of baobab is β-Sitosterol, a known anti-oxidant to help protect against dangerous free radicals. Baobab may also be able to increase the levels of our natural free radical reducing enzymes, although a lot more science is needed to back this up!

Baobab has also long been used as a natural anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory, perfect for those of us wanting to fight spots.

As well as these fatty acids to moisturise we also have a selection of vitamins. One we are pleased to see is vitamin A as this is the common anti-ageing ingredient retinol. As well as giving our skin a collagen boost it is also a big part of treating acne!

Vitamin E is another great one to have in skincare due to its anti-oxidant activity, again protecting skin from free radicals and if that wasn’t enough vitamin C helps out in this job too!

Baobab is also already known to be non-irritating and non-sensitising which is always what we want to hear about an up and coming ingredient!

One noteworthy product ahead of the trends which uses baobab oil is Aurelia’s Cell Repair Night Oil. Click here to read our review of the product or you can find Aurelia’s Cell Repair Night Oil here.

Make sure that this ingredient is on your beauty radar Beauty Geeks! 

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