With the cold weather drawing near and central heating cranked up, skin care maintenance is, as always, top of the agenda. It’s no new secret that moisturisers relieve the sneaky signs of ageing by giving your skin that little boost to look healthy and fresh. Ioma Paris Youth Booster claims to do all the looking-after-your-skin part with an additional hidden gem of technology to prove it. Concealed in the cap is state of the art is microelectromechanical system or MEMS sensor technology.

Well that all sounds very fancy, but what does it do?
Believe it or not, MEMS technology has been used for years; trusted by NASA to measure the atmosphere on Mars and trusted by us to rotate our smartphone screens when we want to read the latest beauty tips and tricks. It only takes 5 seconds of holding the cap to the area of skin you want to test until a set of LED lights appear. Three or less means that your skin is looking healthy and only one application of serum per day is necessary, four to six lights suggest your skin needs an extra lift so the youth booster should be applied twice a day. Beauty bloggers like Caroline Hirons agree they’ll measure anyone who will let them!

The CEO of Ioma Paris and scientist behind the Youth Booster, Jean Michel Franco, spent 12 years developing methods to measure the skin condition picking up on UV damage, hydration, fine lines and wrinkles undetectable by the human eye. All of the things you don’t want to think about! The MEMS technology in the Youth Booster cap measures how hydrated the area of skin is assuming that the more hydrated your skin is, the better its overall condition. Ioma Paris offer a full skin diagnosis, measuring all aspects of your skin at one of their counters in Boots or Harrods.

That sounds great but how will the youth booster make a difference?
The product claims to ‘hydrate, detoxify, regenerate and protect’ the skin. A bold statement but the science behinds it holds some potential! The equally sophisticated crowning component is the active ingredient Resistem™. Sederma who hold the patent of the wonder ingredient, claim Resistem™ encourages the production of a protein called Sirtuin-1 in skin cells helping your skin to stand its ground against ageing, but finding the actual data for this proved difficult as the study seems to be hidden away under lock and key (cosmetics companies have a tendency to keep their patented technology close to their chest!). Sirtuin-1 blocks the activation of p53, another protein again found normally in healthy cells, but in times of stress, the rising levels of p53 cause the skin cells to die. Sirtuin-1 prevents the death of these cells and encourages skin to retain thickness reducing damage from UV and wrinkles. If true, this could be an all-round winner! Although notably, this little stress-related protein is key for keeping our cells in check and monitoring their condition. We were sceptical about this approach at first, but it looks like there is some interesting research out there about it!

The claim to detoxify the skin and smooth out fine lines comes from deliberate, localised inflammation; the same as lip plumpers or botox. Don’t worry, you won’t end up looking like a puffer fish! The serum sets your immune system into action by imitating irritation without any feeling any discomfort, so it is your own body that is doing the enhanced detoxifying. Pretty neat! Freshly plumped skin giving you that youthful look.

At £149, the product is pricey but even after the youth booster serum has finished, the MEMS sensor allows you to measure your skin condition no matter what changes you make. You could use it to test your skin after a change to your diet or lifestyle. The best way to stay motivated to look after your skin is to see a change and Ioma Paris support this completely. Resistem™ certainly seems like an ingredient to keep a look out for in upcoming anti-ageing products but it would certainly put our minds at rest if there was more publically available data. Overall, negative reviews are few and far between the positive ones so we’ll be keeping an eye out for more in the range! Well done Ioma Paris.

Click here to check the video from Caroline Hirons on the IOMA Youth Booster!