The Beauty by the Geeks Team is made up of science undergraduates, graduates, post docs and all round beauty geeks that are not ashamed to admit, WE LOVE SCIENCE. It’s not bacteria on petri dishes that gets us ticking, it’s the science behind our beauty products!

Beauty by the Geeks started up for that exact reason – we want to de-mystify the science behind all your lotions and potions and beauty bothers. Tonnes of products are being sold with science but what does it all really mean?!

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Brigitte West

Brigitte West

Robb Hollis

Robb Hollis
Scientific Director

Harriet Warrior
Educational Outreach, Events and Marketing


beccy harris square

Beccy Harris
Head of Operations

Anna Chrystal
Contributing Writer, Educational Outreach and Social Media

Leah Bain
Contributing Writer and Science Outreach


Molly Macpherson
Contributing Writer

Emma Rees
Contributing Writer and Science Outreach

laura chow

Laura Chow
Contributing Writer


Eleanor Gunn
Contributing Writer


Rebecca Douglas
Contributing Writer and Science Outreach


Lily Jeffery
Marketing Assistant

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