Rose Brown
Name: Anna Chrystal

Position in BBTG/ projects involved in: Social Media, Educational Outreach and Writer

Qualifications: BSc with Honours Biomedical Sciences, Newcastle University

Biggest Beauty Blunder/ Biggest Beauty Mistake: Oh my gosh – too many to mention them all! Besides over-plucked eyebrows, top of the list would be applying Johnson’s Holiday Skin instead of after-sun after getting very burnt on holiday in Spain!

Copious amounts were slathered on to soothe the burn and give a ‘light tan’ (including onto my face!). Did I mention it was the first day back to school after the summer holidays the next morning? Starting the new school year off with a streaky, orange face – just, not good!

Beauty Love: The Body Shop Body Butters – I have most of the set! The different scents are amazing and all of them have quite different textures targeted for various skin types. I use the mango or chocoholic one when my skin’s in need of some serious moisture – such a shame they’re not edible!

Beauty Loathe: Anything with the smell of lavender or really strong floral scents – I much prefer musky or fruity products.