Name: Molly Macpherson

Position in BBTG/ projects involved in: Contributing Writer

Qualifications: Third Year Biomedical Sciences Student, Newcastle University

Biggest Beauty Blunder/ Biggest Beauty Mistake: Being thirteen and ‘layering up’ my cheap mascara for extra volume – clumpy lashes are never a good look. Oh and of course my first (and only!) experience with fake tan left me with seriously orange legs – I’ve not gone back to it since!

Beauty Love: I always rely on good old Sudocrem to get rid of any annoying flare-ups I have. A good lip balm is also a must for me – I can’t stand having chapped lips!

Beauty Loathe: ​I’m really not a fan of the trend of using lipliner outside the boundaries of your own lips. It might make them look ‘fuller’ but it just makes me think of clowns I’m afraid.