This crazy beauty trend really does seem insane but is it as mad as it sounds or should we all be after a new microwave?! We just had to find out…

Many have heard of laser hair removal but microwaves are the new hot trend to rid unwanted underarm hair. First things first we think we should point out that we do not expect you to fit your underarm into the same microwave as you cook your beans in! Miramar Labs in the USA have created a hand held device which zaps skin with microwaves, a type of radiation on the same electromagnetic spectrum as ultraviolet radiation. The microwaves are used to heat the hair follicles and damage them so much that they will no longer function. The result is a permanent reduction (note this is not removal!) of hair of all colours as microwaves do not need the coloured molecules in hair to work as lasers do.

Miramar Labs are known for producing a device, which uses microwaves to treat axillary hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes excessive sweating. In studies using this device to stop the sweat glands form working they found that a side effect was hair loss and have applied the same principles to develop a new device to reduce underarm hair.

As this method is so new there is very little information available on exactly how it works or its effectiveness, safety and long-term effects and although it has been approved by the FDA (U.S food and drug administration) we feel a little uneasy that it is a spin off from a side effect of another therapy. Although it definitely is interesting and maybe not as insane as we first thought the Beauty Geeks are all in agreement that we would like a little more information on this one before we go microwaving our armpit hair off!

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