Mineral Free Makeup

Every girl has a powder in their make-up bag – but is it mineral or non-mineral? Non-mineral make-up is widely used on the market, mainly due to the fact they are cheap, look elegant and give fantastic coverage and a flawless finish.

But mineral make-up sounds like it’s going to be really good for us, right? WRONG! Don’t get me wrong, they’re not all bad, but some can do serious harm to our skin…

There’s titanium dioxide: a white pigment which is used in cosmetics to hide your dark circles or give yourself a French manicure. It also reduces the transparency of the product, so can hide all those scars, spots and other skin problems you want to cover away. It is very good at absorbing UV light, so helps to protect our skin from sun damage.

But, and this is the big but, it can be carcinogenic (cancer causing!!).

There’s Bismuth Oxychloride: This gives the shimmer to most of our beauty products and has a powder texture. It also sits well on your skin meaning your make-up will last for hours and keep you staying beautiful. BUT, this mineral can be irritating to the skin. Some people can react with it as it has a unique crystalline structure, meaning these crystals can sit right in your pores and get stuck, and some of these crystals are sharp – this is what causes the irritation.

So now we have non-mineral make-up on the market. But how do these work? They won’t have the white pigment from titanium dioxide or the shimmer from bismuth oxychloride… so let’s dive into the science behind non-mineral, natural powders…

Well first of all, non-mineral make-up is talc based.


Most non-mineral powders are talc based, as opposed to bismuth oxychloride based. Talc is a naturally occurring mineral, and as you know is great for absorbing moisture so is great for oily complexions! It also makes facial make-up opaque, so still looks natural and doesn’t let you look like you’ve slapped tons and tons on, and improves the texture of the product.


Corn starch is a non-toxic ingredient that’s used along-side talc as it gives a soft, smooth but dry feeling to your skin and is also brill at absorbing excess oil and moisture. It’s natural and is biodegradable which also means it’s great for environment. It’s also an anti-inflammatory, meaning it can reduce redness of your skin, and it can sooth rashes and burns. Cornstarch also feeds on acne-causing bacteria! Goodbye nasty pimples, hello to gorgeous skin!

So, if you have sensitive skin and are prone to acne, mineral-free make-up is right up your street. It avoids all the bad minerals and uses more of a natural approach when it comes to beauty. Give NARS pressed powder a go (£24) if you’re a super splurger, or Almay’s line smoothing pressed powder (around $13, from amazon) if you’re a super scrimper. Say goodbye to toxic ingredients!









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