We’ve all heard of molecules and we’ve certainly all heard of ageing! But how can we use science to turn back the hands of time… fresh off the shelves is “Moleculagé”, a product claiming to revolutionise the anti-ageing scene.

The Claims

“Targeting ageing on the molecular level to keep you young forever”… how does that sound to you? It sounds good to us, so let’s get down to the science!

The Science behind the Bottle

Moleculagé contains the highest concentrations of antioxidant polyphenols on the market to neutralise the environmental stresses of everyday life. This formula contains 2.8-PA peptide to enhance the skin’s natural collagen matrix and is enriched with amino acids, the building blocks of supple, youthful skin. Essential vitamins work to banish dark circles and puffy eyes, while hydroxyl acids boost dermal thickness to wish away thin, tired-looking skin…

Have we got you sold yet?

Well don’t rush out to buy it just yet… this product is a FAKE!! We just made it up… honestly, we did.

April fools!