Acne can strike well into your adult years – cue countless products on the market claiming to prevent breakouts and calm pesky-pimple irritation! The most recent product to grab our attention on the acne-fighting front however comes in the form of point-and-zap gadget – no!no! Skin Acne Treatment System. Makers of the no!no! Hair Removal System that we reviewed a while back say that this device supposedly allows us to ‘remove pimples shortly after they appear’ all from the comfort of our own homes. Are we satisfied with the science? There’s only one way to find out! Lights, camera… geeks!

Let’s start with a bit about acne…
Acne can manifest in different forms, but the early stages of spot formation remain the same between them. Overproduction of the skin’s natural moisturising oil (sebum), combined with it dead skin cells from the skin’s outer surface, clogs pores in the skin. This environment forms the perfect breeding ground for bacteria like Propionibacterium acnes or ‘P.acnes’) which is also naturally present on the skin. The growth of bacteria like these within blocked pores is what leads to the different types of pimples, including the angry, red and swollen blemishes we typically associate with acne – ouch! If you want to learn more about acne head over to our ‘Acne Anguish’ Ask the Expert feature.

So how can no!no! help?

The lowdown on LHE® Technology…
no!no! Skin Acne Treatment System uses Light and Heat Energy (LHE) technology, a combination (as you guessed it!) of light, heat and erm, technology. no!no! tell us that light reaches deep into the pore to kick start the healing process in new pimples whilst heat opens the pore to soothe inflammation. After a little extra digging we found more out about how this type of technology works. P.acnes makes and stores large amounts of pigments known as porphyrins, which become chemically active when exposed to visible light such as that applied through LHE technology. When this happens, it causes unstable single atoms of oxygen to form, which react with the cell cell membranes of bacteria like P.acnes, leading to the destruction of these blemish-promoting bacteria. The rate of this reaction depends on several factors including temperature, which means upping the heat can lead to quicker excitation of the porphyrins and therefore a quicker bye-bye to bacteria! Besides this suggestion that it speeds up the rate of bacteria-busting however, we couldn’t find much conclusive science on any further role of heat in this technology.

On a very positive note, we found a clinical trial of this technology which found it to be effective in acne treatment when tested on 19 acne sufferers bi-weekly for a total of 4 weeks. After this time the study concluded that this method was both safe and effective for acne treatment with average percentage clearance reaching 63% and 50% in non-inflammatory and inflammatory lesions respectively. Hurray!

Impressively, no!no! also have their own clinical trials to back their claims, with 63 volunteers aged 14-47 taking part in a randomised, placebo-controlled double-blind study (that’s the Gold Standard as far as clinical trials go!). Participants from a range of ethnic backgrounds were given either active or dummy devices, which were used in controlled conditions and without the use of any other acne treatments. Any changes were observed by both participants and dermatologists through monitoring the effects on 4 chosen lesions per subject over a 5 day period. The company tell us they found an 81% improvement in blemish lesions after just 24 hours, however don’t give the overall conclusion after the full 5 days… hit us with the science please no!no!

They did conclude however that this device caused no adverse effects and although zapping away at your face may sound like a less-than-desirable experience, also promise that treatments were graded as painless – phew! Reviewers of the no!no! Skin Acne Treatment System  on and no!no!’s site seemed pleased with the long-term effects, praising it for its quick blemish-blasting properties. ELLE magazine were fans too, deeming this little gadget ‘the blemish-buster’ acknowledging its redness-reducing potential as well as overall spot-shrinkage. It seems that no!no! have given this technology some serious thought, we’d just like the rest of the stats from their clinical trials! We have to say; overall we’re a little impressed with this handy device.

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