This is one of the weirder anti-ageing treatments on the market and the name will hint to you why. Yes – you read it correctly, PLACENTA – SHEEP PLACENTA.

It popped back on our radar recently because this sheep placenta craze is going mad in China.  BUT it’s certainly not the first time it has hit headlines; back in 2011 the treatment was rumoured to be popular amongst all the celebs. A-listers such as Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardasian and the Glamour puss himself, Simon Cowell, were all reported to be massive fans and the treatments are still popular amongst the stars a couple of years later.

Sheep placenta treatments and products don’t come cheap, we’re talking hundreds here guys, and can only be sort after in the most exclusive of beauty salons. Looking at the online reviews, O-Placenta is the main sheep placenta extract being used in the UK and it seems to be giving some amazing results. But with a product that claims to “Revitalize and regenerate your cells with the latest technology in stem cell science”, we, of course, wanted to see the science!

The Science behind the Bottle

You can get your hands on a bit of O-Placenta in two ways – buying a product with O-Placenta™ Ovine Placenta Extract or having a facial in a salon that uses the products as part of the treatment.

What is O-Placenta™ Ovine Placenta Extract?

O-Placenta is an extract from a sheep’s placenta. It is claims to be nutrient rich and potent enough to activate dormant stem cells (a cell that can change into multiple different cells – like your skin cells or blood cells). Theoretically, activating these stem cells could make your skin appear more youthful and revitalized though this stem cell activation. This is because it could increase the production of cells such as collagen and elastin – both key structural proteins of your skin – and therefore would improve the skin structure and make the skin appear to be more youthful.

BUT where is the evidence that O-Placenta does this?

There is some but it is very limited. We can only find two clinical studies relating to O-Placenta.

1.SCBI / AMA Clinical Study On Rosacea– a skin condition characterised by facial redness and sometimes pimples. The study found that facial redness was reduced by 40% in 80% of the subjects. However, when we looked further into the study there were only 5 subjects, all were female and 4 out of the 5 were Caucasian. Whilst Beauty by the Geeks think the findings sound promising, we cannot deny that this is a very small sample group.

2. SCBI / AMA Skin Safety Study (RIPT) – This study was carried out on 50 subjects and found no adverse effects. The majority again were female Caucasians and as there were no adverse effects to the cream, it seems that for white, female Caucasians the treatment is safe! There were also no adverse effects in the 12 males and 10 Hispanic people they tested. These are promising results but we would like to see more studies conducted on a wider and more varied group.

We couldn’t find any studies about the activation of STEM cells though and that seems to be the products big selling point. STEM cells are massive news at the moment – both in the beauty and science world – and you can find out more about them in our Ask the Expert tomorrow! They could potentially be the key to reversing the signs of ageing but right now we don’t know enough about them and their activation to be saying that a product works in this way – unless there is some super unpublished data that we are yet to see!

Here at Beauty by the Geeks, we’re always looking for the solid science to back up any scientific claims. Whilst the great product reviews suggest that the product does work and we are by no means arguing with the physical results – we need some more science behind those claims.

So given all of the above, we don’t think any of the Beauty by the Geeks team will be rushing to Harley Street for a Sheep Placenta facial just yet. But, if anyone is using a O-Placenta product or has had a Sheep Placenta facial please do get in touch and let us know how you got on!


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