If you have used blackhead removing pore strips before, you will have seen the junk left on the strip. So they must work right? Sadly not.

Pore strips contain a strong adhesive that adheres to skin tightly, so when you pull it off, dead cells, dirt and oil comes with it. Just like ripping off a plaster! In Biore, the main ingredient is polyquaternium-37, a film-forming ingredient, which in combination with the other ingredients forms a strong, adhesive film over the nose, that when pulled off takes the junk with it. Although many products claim to be able to remove blackheads completely, this is unlikely. There is no doubt that these strips remove the most superficial dead skin cells and oxidisied (“black”) oil but the strips won’t do much to treat or reduce blackheads from reoccurring, as they won’t have any effect oil production or any long-term effect on removal of dead skin cells (read more about why we get blackheads here). Although it might look you’re your blackheads have been completely removed, it’s more likely that what you are seeing on the strip is likely just to be the top layer of the blackhead.

The Verdict:

Pore strips are a bit of a gimmick and at most a temporary fix that reduces appearance of blackheads but doesn’t treat them. The geeks don’t deny how satisfying pore strips are though and the addition of them to a skin routine won’t do any harm (unless used to often as irritation could ultimately lead to more blackheads!). However, they shouldn’t be used in replacement of a good blackhead treatment that targets oil production and the removal of dead skin cells. More on blackhead treatments can be found here.

If you do fancy trying pore strips, the best pore strips we found are:

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips 

Dr. Jart + Blackhead Master Patch