Has the Secret Behind Kylie Jenner “Kurves” Finally Been Revealed…

Kylie Jenner is quickly becoming one of the most influential people in the beauty industry – there are countless video tutorials on YouTube coaching girls how to achieve her ‘look’ and her favourite MAC lip pencil sold out instantly worldwide!

As Kylie Jenner celebrates her 18th birthday, we’re celebrating finally being in on the ‘secret’ behind those controversial curves! Last week Kylie posted a picture crediting PureLeef’s Butt Plumping cream for her recently acquired curves to her 31 million followers. Even more shockingly, Kylie wasn’t paid to publicise their products (how did Kris let that happen?!), so maybe they are really is something to write home about…

PureLeef Butt Plumping Cream

This product claims to turn heads and drop jaws without having to resort to buttocks enhancement surgery by influencing the growth of adipose (fat) tissue, resulting in more volume and a ‘shapelier butt’ when applied topically. PureLeef recommend applying the cream twice daily and say users should notice results within two months of consistent use.

One of the star ingredients listed in this cream is Macelignan, an extract derived from nutmeg seeds. PureLeef claim that this ingredient can increase fat cell production through stimulating PPAR receptors (for the super Geeks among you!). This piqued the Geeks curiosity, so naturally we had to investigate. After searching high and low, we managed to find some science (BIG emphasis on some) to support the claims. Perhaps Kylie was onto something with this cream.

Macelignan is a natural agonist of PPAR’s, which is highly expressed in adipocytes. Activating these receptors via agonists like Macelignan can exert a variety of effects – mainly weight gain and increased fat mass. So in theory applying this to our pancake bums could give us that peachy butt we have always dreamed of…

But unfortunately, it probably won’t. There are a couple of reasons why we think this. Firstly, all studies that we found that investigated Macelignan have been done on cells/animals in a lab (for medical research reasons, not cosmetics!), which does not necessarily mean that it would have the same effect on humans. Secondly, they’ve all involved the ingestion, not topical application (e.g using a cream) and we simply don’t believe it would have the same affect topically. Your skin is made up of 3 layers and your fat cells are the deepest layer. Most products don’t even get back your epidermis (1st layer) so even if the ingredients did work, it won’t reach the cells they are meant to be working on anyway.

The second active ingredient is Sarsaspogenin. This extract is derived from the roots of the Asian plant: Anemarrhena asphodeloïdes. It too claims to exhibit the ability to increase the volume of fatty tissue to provide a ‘plumper’ looking derriere. Lo and behold, clinical research to support the claims made for this ingredient were few and far between and it seems that most of the supporting evidence for this product is entirely anecdotal.

So unfortunately, this cream probably isn’t a butt in a bottle and there is definitely something else to credit for Kylie Jenner’s fine derriere (possibly genetics, lots of squats or something else…). Plus, if the claims were true, this Butt Enhancing Cream would most likely be priced at more than $47 a jar.

You can find Kylie Jenner’s Butt Enhancing Cream