With the New Year officially under way, we’re still on the lookout for new products to add into our skin regimes. Especially now we have seriously wind-whipped skin (the North East weather isn’t being kind to us at the moment!). A good facial oil can be the perfect antidote to dehydrated skin, and one Geek in particular is here to share her new shelf discovery: Skinature Rose Geranium & Argan Oil Day Therapy. After being entrusted with it by the lovely ladies at We Are Sparkle, she has been regularly using this oil and has fallen in love with it. But why?!

The Claims

Skinature claim their Rose Geranium & Argan Oil Day Therapy is “Powerfully hydrating” with “high potency anti-ageing effects” and delivers “vital anti-microbial, immune-boosting protection”, whilst also “fortifying cell membranes with essential fatty acids”.

Sounds like we need to demystify some science!

The Science behind the Bottle

Ingredient number one is rose absolute oil. This essential oil creates a calming but sweet fragrance for the product whilst also nourishing the skin. A study has shown the essential oil may be applicable for the control of skin texture and keratinocyte differentiation-related skin diseases. Say what? Keratinocytes are a type of skin cell which make up the barrier between our bodies and the outside world. In doing so, they have a huge influence on a number of skin features, including pigmentation, wrinkles and moisturization.

Disruption of the normal process of the keratinocytes’ development into mature cells (such as continuing to grow instead of maturing) can lead to skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. It can also lead to a decline in skin barrier function resulting in dry skin and aggravation of skin conditions. Rose absolute oil enhances this skin cell maturation, helping maintain normal skin barrier function and prevent loss of moisture. The final stages of keratinocyte maturation are also known to produce filaggrin, a protein which provides natural moisturizing properties. Hydrated skin appears plumped out and healthier, saying good bye to those pesky fine lines!

Working alongside rose absolute oil is geranium oil. It has proven antibacterial properties to cleanse the skin. Studies conducted looking at its effects on bacteria isolated from ‘difficult-to-heal’ wounds showed that geranium oil effectively inhibited their growth, and another study found that the oil inhibited the growth of a number of bacteria including E.coli and S.aureas, both of which are common but potentially-unpleasant! Another beneficial property of geranium oil is its anti-inflammatory activity: application to the skin in a model of inflammation revealed reduced activity of inflammation-causing cells caused neutrophils. These cells are the principle initiators of inflammation and so keeping their activity at bay in our skin should help reduce the look of angry irritated areas.

Argan oil doesn’t shy away from the spot light on the beauty scene. It is extracted from nut kennels in Morocco and has been used in traditional formulations for centuries! Its high levels of the antioxidant vitamin E protect the skin from free-radicals in the environment by mopping them up and inhibiting their propagation. This mechanism helps protect our skin from damage by radicals which is thought to manifest as ageing, and application of topical antioxidants like vitamin E has been shown to both protect against and revert photoageing (a kind of sunlight-induced premature skin ageing). On top of that, studies indicate that argan oil may well be effective in treating hyperpigmentation. Cells treated with argan oil showed a decrease in melanin (the skin’s pigment-providing molecule) without having any cytotoxic (cell damaging) effects, suggesting that argan oil may be a safer and effective alternative to some other hyperpigmentation-tackling strategies! Looks like its traditional use for maintaining a fair complexion has got some savvy science behind it!

Skinature formulators have also treated us to apricot kernel oil. This oil has a high oleic and linoleic acid content, and these essential fatty acids are thought to promote wound healing as well as being moisturizing agent.

Jojoba oil is another ingredient on the list and it is no stranger to the beauty world. Its molecular composition is formed of wax esters and fatty acids which closely resemble that of sebum, the naturally moisturizing oil released by skin pores. This is thought to ‘trick’ the skin to help balance sebum production and reduce overall oiliness.

The Verdict from our product-trialing Geek
Although I haven’t been using it as advised (after cleansing & toning), purely because I NEVER like the way may make-up sits over facial oils, I have used this in my evening routine and fallen in love with it. It’s a fairly reasonable price (£21.99) and it has some savvy science behind the ingredients. So what’s not to love?! Thank you Skinature for a fab product and thank you to the girls at We Are Sparkle for the heads up!

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