MV Organic Skincare’s Rose Hydrating Mist has been a big hit in the world of celebs and has plenty of testimonials. From supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whitely to actress Emma Watson, this product has pleased customers far and wide,

One of MV’s selling points is “fewer ingredients, higher concentrations” and they have really stuck to this in their rose hydrating mist which consists only of water, Rose (Rosa Centifolia) oil, polysorbate 40 (included to help emulsify the other ingredients) and potassium sorbate (included as a preservative).

The Science behind the Bottle – Rose Oil
Rosa centifolia, fondly known as ‘cabbage rose’ for its many-petalled appearance and rounded shape, is a hybrid rose first developed in the 16th century. We’re more used to seeing Rosa damascena (the rose of Castile), in beauty products, so we were interested to see this species instead!

In the cosmetic world roses are used for their scent (unsurprisingly), but are also thought cooling and refreshing with anti-inflammatory properties. However, moving into the science world the evidence is sorely lacking!– There are very few studies on Rosa damascena and even fewer on Rosa centifolia! There really is only heresay and anecdotal evidence out there – with some reports of wound healing, anti-inflammatory and cooling properties, but none of them backed up by any real studies

A little about fragrance
The fragrance in roses and rose oil is largely down to a molecule known as ‘rose oxide’. There’s some speculation about whether this molecule could have any benefits for the skin, and there is some evidence that this molecule does have anti-inflammatory properties, but we’re not sure how much of it will have made its way into this product.

The Verdict
All in all we are not too impressed with this particular rose, and would much prefer a real rose from our prince charming than this one in a bottle! Sorry MV, but we are feeling a little let down by this product after all the big celeb build up. With no real evidence of any benefit for the skin, we’re far from convinced that this one is worth investing in. For £28, we’d definitely go for pot of moisturiser over this spray!

If you would like to purchase MV Rose Hydrating Mist, click HERE!

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