We at Beauty by the Geeks like a strong lady figure, especially a scientific one. Well Sheri McCoy is just that! She is one of the most powerful women in the cosmetic industry – the CEO of Avon, a fabulous business woman and a true role model. Let’s get the low down on McCoy…

McCoy previously worked at Johnson & Johnson, as a chemical engineer working in research and development of women’s healthcare products. She then climbed the company ladder, by becoming the leader of the company’s research and development division, then promoted AGAIN to the global president. What a remarkable lady!

Later on in her career, her leadership skills proved to be incredible as she was then assigned onto the Executive Committee of Johnson & Johnson. This made her one of the highest-ranking female executives in the global drug industry. There’s no stopping Sheri!

She continued to excel within the company, until finally becoming the Chief Executive Officer of Johnson & Johnson – after a whopping 30 years at the company!

But of course, she didn’t stop there! She resigned from Johnson & Johnson, after many dedicated years, and took the role of CEO at Avon Products, to begin the new ‘makeover’ of the company.

But why Sheri? Being a scientist, all she knew was the ins and outs of J&J, from rash ointments to baby shampoos.
Well she certainly knows the ins and outs of J&J, but could she transform a company that make lipsticks, mascaras and nail vanish? She may have been the spanner thrown into the works, but my god, she was the perfect choice. Who knew she was going to become a new inspiration.

She changed the company, and made it what it is today – she knows exactly what she’s doing and certainly has proved it! This is a woman on a mission and there’s no stopping her.

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