You have asked us if retinol should be used by under 30’s and here is our answer!

Retinol (Vitamin A) is a superstar among anti-ageing ingredients, particularly to treat photodamaged skin. It has been shown to increase collagen synthesis, as well as inhibiting collagen degradation and altering other cellular processes that lead to the improvement of coarse wrinkling, increased skin smoothness and improve skin discoloration. Therefore, whether or not you should use it depends on whether you suffer from any of the signs of ageing it targets. Retinol can be sensitising, making the skin dry and more sensitive to the sun.  At low concentrations, retinol can be tolerated in your early twenties but there is no rush to use it. You’re much better focusing on the prevention side of things e.g SPF, good cleanser and more targeted treatments for your concerns. If you don’t suffer from the beauty bothers it targets, it’s a waste of money in our opinion!
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