A suntan and souvenirs may not be the only reminder you have of your summer holiday this year. All that sun, heat and humidity can play havoc with our appearance…sunburn, frizzy hair and prickly heat just to name a few. The Beauty Geeks are on hand to help you battle these beauty bothers.

Frizzy Hair

Holiday Horror: Heat and humidity play havoc with hair so it’s no surprise that frizzy locks are the UK’s number one pet peeve while on holiday. “But, why?” We hear you ask! It’s all down to our hairs chemical structure – hair is made up of bundles of long keratin proteins. Between adjacent keratin proteins, there are hydrogen bonds (this is a weak, temporary bond), which break and reform each time your hair gets wet and dries again (this is the science behind why you hair tends to stay the same shape it dries in)! As humid hot air, like we experience in summer, has a higher water content than usual, any given hair strand can form more hydrogen bonds, so the hair has more folds, and we experience this as ‘frizz’.

Sun Solution: Frizz-fighting products are the way to go! They are designed to create a barrier to seal in essential moisture and block out excess moisture, thereby blocking the style-ruining effects of ANY weather condition.


Holiday Horror: Any Beauty Geek or BBTG fan will know that the sun’s powerful UV rays are damaging to the skin. When we over do it, and have too much sun for our skin type, we subject our self to sunburn! Unfortunately, those with fair skin have a different amount, as well as a different type of melanin, to those with darker skin; therefore they have less protection from the sun’s UV rays. Without extra care (e.g. SPF more here), we get sunburn when then amount of UV exposure surpasses our melanin’s ability to protect us.

Sun Solution: We suggest always arming yourself with sunscreen any time you venture out into the sun to prevent the dreaded effects of sunburn. However, if you have fallen victim to sunburn this summer, the first thing you should do is get out of the sun until your skin has fully recovered! Make sure you drink plenty of water to cool yourself down and prevent yourself becoming dehydrated. We also recommend using a moisturiser that contains Aloe Vera or Chamomile. Both ingredients are anti-inflammatories so will help to calm down the swelling and redness of sunburnt skin.

We thought it was worth a mention that although sunburn may seem like a temporary problem, the result of over-exposure to UV can cause much longer-lasting damage to the skin. From a beauty perspective, it causes the dreaded ‘leathery’ effect of the skin, causing you to look twice as old. But, on a more serious note, it can increase a person’s risk of getting cancer, so be careful Beauty Geeks!

Prickly Heat

Holiday Horror: Prickly heat, also known as heat rash, is a common beauty bother and like the name suggests, develops when we travel to hotter, more tropical climates. Heat rash occurs when blocked pores trap perspiration under out skin, and it appears as small red itchy bumps on the skin.

Sun Solution: Heat rash usually clears up on its own, when you return to your normal climate. You can speed up its recovery and relieve symptoms by keeping your skin cool to prevent sweating as much as possible.

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