Think back to the last time you read about, heard about or purchased a product that claimed it could turn back the toll of time on your skin to leave it free of all signs of ageing… It seems we’re bombarded with products that promise to deliver impressive results – but how do you know what to trust? Checking out the ingredients list for key components can shed light on a product’s effectiveness, so we have put together a Top 5 list for all Beauty Geeks to look out for!

NOTE: SPF is still THE BEST anti-ageing ingredient out there and it works by preventing ageing in the first place. If you’re concerned about ageing skin, products containing SPF should be top of your shopping list. Prevention is always easier than cure!

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Top 5 Ingredients that ACTUALLY work:


Topical Retinoids are widely used in anti-ageing skincare, particularly to treat photodamaged skin. They have been shown to increase collagen synthesis, inhibit collagen degradation and alter other cellular processes that lead to improvement of coarse wrinkling, increased skin smoothness and improve skin discoloration. There are different types of Retinoids and concentrations used vary, Retinol (vitamin A) is probably one of the most common on the high street as it is less irritant than other Retinoids. These anti-ageing molecules certainly pack a punch and are top of our anti-ageing list alongside SPF!

Hyaluronic acid

Youthful skin maintains its ‘plump, luminous’ appearance, due to it’s high content of water. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a key ingredient due to it’s unique capacity in retaining water – one molecule alone is capable of holding 1000 times its own weight in water!! It’s this incredible property that increases skin tissue volume and elasticity, hence younger looking skin!


Alpha hydroxy acids (this is abit of a mouthful so we call them AHA’s in the beauty world) are little miracle compounds, which is why you’ll see them in so many of the anti-ageing products around today! Studies using a 25% concentration of AHA’s showed that they could reverse signs of photo ageing. It also showed that AHA’s actually improve the quality of the elastic fibres in the skin, which keep it looking young and supple, as well as increasing collagen and the thickness of the skin, smoothing out those pesky wrinkles.

Vitamin C

Topical application of vitamin C has been found to increase the production of collagen, an important structural protein that makes up a whopping 70% of our skins composition. So it stands to reason that having more of our beloved collagen can act to plump our dermis, thereby reducing the appearance of those lines and wrinkles. Goodbye signs of ageing! Vitamin C also works as a powerful anti-oxidant so protects the skin from damaging free radicals as a result of sun exposure or pollution.


Nicotinamide (also known as niacinamide, it wouldn’t be a cosmetic ingredient if it didn’t have multiple names, would it?) is an ingredient that has been used topically in dermatology for years, and so it’s not surprising that we’ve found so many benefits! Niacinamide application stabilises the outermost layer of the skin by stimulating ceramide production, which helps to maintain the skins waterproof barrier, therefore helping the skin retain moisture. As we all know, hydrated skin equals younger looking skin!

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