A good night’s sleep can make or break how good you look and feel the next day. We all know how important it is to get our 8 hours of beauty sleep at night but what if that’s just not possible? Whether it’s from work, kids, or one too many vinos on a Friday night, your skin can be left looking a little tired! Enter Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep!

The Claims
This is Vichy’s first night gel-balm designed to recreate the look of a good night’s sleep. After all, no one needs to know you’re counting the minutes until you’re reunited with your bed! The trials for Idealia Skin Sleep were carried out (by Vichy) on a panel of poor sleepers including young mums, nurses and flight attendants. The formula is designed to reduce signs of fatigue, sooth the skin and leave you with nothing but the fresh, radiant complexion of your dreams. But can the science back up the claims or is this night gel-balm just too good to be true?

The Science behind the Bottle – Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate
This first ingredient under the spotlight is Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (also known as a Glycyrrhizic acid), a sweet-tasting constituent of liquorice root! This botanical ingredient has a whole host of functions that make it an exciting addition to the formula list. Historically they’ve been used worldwide as an herbal medicine and natural sweetener but are now finding their way into the cosmetic world!

Glycyrrhizic acids have anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties to sooth the skin for that rested and revitalised look that every night owl longs to wake up to. One way it works is by blocking a family of enzymes that control the regulation of glucocorticoids (steroid hormones).  When these enzymes are inhibited it leads to an accumulation of glucocorticoids which are packed full of anti-inflammatory power. It also opposes other pro-inflammatory processes, including the production of nitric oxide and PGE2 which trigger inflammation. Good news, but there’s not a lot out there for this mechanism when glycyrrhizic acid is used topically. Topical studies have shown that it acts as a skin lightening agent, but we’d like to see more on its anti-inflammatory action when used on the skin!

On top of this the skin conditioning anti-inflammatory properties of Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate are often used in treating acute and chronic dermatitis (eczema). This means it’s perfect for our dry skin beauties that need that extra moisturising power over night!

Hyaluronic acid
Next up is sodium hyaluronate (better known as hyaluronic acid), which is an endogenous component of the skin necessary for the maintenance of hydration and important to skin barrier function. This naturally occurring “glycosaminoglycan” found in the dermis has the handy ability to attract and retain water. It keeps the skin moisturised and increases skin tissue elasticity making it crucial for tissue hydration and protection. Topical application leaves skin looking plumper and helps keep the signs of fatigue at bay for that fresh-faced complexion you deserve!

As we age the levels of hyaluronic acid we have in the skin naturally begins to deplete making this an even more integral ingredient in the cosmetic world. This makes this night gel-balm all the more exciting because it won’t allow the skin to dry out so that dull grey looking skin is a thing of the past.

For many of us, when the lack of sleep sets in you can find us clutching our mugs of coffee, but is caffeine only good when served with a dash of milk in an extra-large mug or can it help in other ways?

Caffeine is commonly used in the cosmetic world and can be just the wake-up call your skin needs. This fab ingredient can penetrate the skin barrier and stimulates blood circulation to improve oxygen rich blood flow to the tissues and keep your skin in tip top condition.

Dark circles can be caused by pooling of blood so a little circulation boost could be just the thing you need to reduce the look of those pesky bags. On top of that caffeine is also an anti-inflammatory to add to the effects we’ve seen in this formula list already. This is a big beauty benefit under the eyes because it can prevent swelling and keep puffy, tired eyes in check.


The Geeks have noticed that Alcohol features as one of the top ingredients in this formula, which means it is found in quite a high concentration in this product. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem as there are several other great hydrating ingredients also featured in the line up, but just be wary if you have really dry or sensitive skin!

The Verdict
It’s fair to say that Vichy have done their homework with the Idealia Skin Sleep as it certainly packs a cosmetic pick-me-up punch. This formula list is packed full of biologically active ingredients to recreate the look of a good night’s sleep even when your night is cut short!

We’d like to see a little more testing of liquorice-derived its anti-inflammatory liquorice-derived Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate on the skin itself, but the moisturising properties and ability to increase both skin barrier protection and blood circulation makes this product a must-have in your beauty arsenal in win the war against tired looking skin. The Geeks approve of the science-savvy ingredients in this little gel. We can’t help you wake up without wanting to hit the snooze button, but this product can help you look like you’ve had your well-earned beauty sleep!

You can find Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep HERE