Today’s “Women in Science” feature is about all of you women in Science! The organisation ScienceGrrl is ran by working women in science who offer support, help and guidance to young women and girls wanting to begin their career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). They believe (and us Geeks do too!) that science is for everyone, and science careers are attainable by all, and that ‘a more diverse STEM workforce will lead to a more representative and creative workforce that is better able to respond to the challenges facing global society’. We couldn’t agree more!!

ScienceGrrl was founded in June 2012 in response to the EU campaign teaser video ‘Science: It’s a girl thing’ (watch the video here!).  Many female scientists believed that this video reflected the old-fashioned and very out-of-trend views of women in STEM careers and decided that this stereotypical view needs to change, it is the 21st century after all!

ScienceGrrl is a non-profit organisation whose volunteers consist primarily of working woman scientists. Their mission is to offer help, work experience, support and inspiration to people preparing to start their career in STEM. The ‘leaky pipeline’ is sometimes used to describe the continuous loss of women at consecutive career stages within STEM. Most STEM graduates and postgraduates are reported to be in high demand by both STEM and non-STEM employers for their analytical thinking, problem solving skills and numeracy as well as for their technical skills. It has even been reported by Women’s Engineering Society that the UK needs to double the number of recruits into engineering to meet demand. The work of ScienceGrrl and other STEM organisations work hopes to start eroding away at the stereotypical idea of women in science and their under-representation, finally settling at equality in STEM.

ScienceGrrl also collaborates with many other organisations that set out to achieve the same goal; they listen to what people have to say and modify their approaches to help grow as a successful organisation. For example their collaboration with ‘now>press>play’ in education gives girls a reason to be excited about science with their interactive science workshops and the invaluable experience these women have to offer.

ScienceGrrl also aims to increase the visibility of women in STEM with high-profile events that celebrate women in science, and provide more media coverage to illustrate the struggles women in science may face; yet also applaud the successful women who are already there!

The Beauty by the Geeks team applauds ScienceGrrl’s hard work and success in their aim to achieve equality for women in STEM, which we’re constantly working towards! (Who runs the world?!)

For more information on ScienceGrrl and their work, check out their site!


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