Once again it’s time for Beauty by the Geek to jump into the furry world of hair maintenance, and look at the products and methods we use to keep our unruly body hair in check.  Now whilst some of us have the confidence to embrace our natural and fuzzier outline, most of us spend a lot of time, effort and money to achieve smooth hairless bodies. We have a whole host of tools to help us in this field, from the countless varieties of razors, waxes and creams, to the slightly more permanent ways of lasers and electrolysis. A few weeks ago we got sent a NO! NO!  Hand Held Hair removal device and it appears to be slightly in the middle these methods, providing a pain free and efficient hair removal, though how long lasting these effects are still seems to be uncertain. So let’s delve into the science behind the NO! NO! Machine, and see how it so kindly removes our unwanted body hair.

The mechanism of the NO! NO! Machine lies in its patented ‘Thermicon’ tip, which the company describes as emitting a wave of increased heat from the wire from said ‘Thermicon’ tip onto the hairs in question that the machine is directed to. This then allows the hair to be brushed away  leaving behind smooth skin.

The beauty of this machine is the fact that it is painless, as it does not tug or rip the hair from its follicle, and also because it manages to target just the hair and not the skin around it the process is about as painful as chewing gum.

The long term effects of the NO! NO! Hair removal machine however, appear to be debateable. The instructions suggest that after religious use of the product, as well as efficient hair loss you will begin to notice a reduction in the amount of hair that grows back. This is where the reviews start to deviate away from the claims of the product, as many users noted no difference in the amount of hair that came back afterwards. This could be for several reasons, either that the users did not carefully repeat the procedure as often as needed, or because the heat wave emitted by the ‘Thermicon’ tip does not do enough permanent damage to the hair follicles. That is the mechanism behind other types of hair removal that alter the amount of re-growth: electrolysis and laser hair removal both permanently damage the hair follicles, therefore inhibiting its ability to produce more hair on its next cycle. So it could be that the heat wave emitted by the ‘Thermicon’ is not quite as effective as a laser beam or pulse of electricity, or perhaps it just takes longer, and more repetitions to work. There are also different heat settings on the model we tested (the No!No! PRO 3) which worked well for the Beauty by the Geeks team with fine hair but not so good on people with coarser hair, so it could also be a matter of choosing the right machine and heat level.  We’ve not tested the No!No! PRO 5 but from reviews it seems to work better on coarse hair.

Either way, the NO! NO! Hair removal machine still provides excellent instant hair removal, and as heat waves are hardly hugely beneficial to your hair follicles, probably will reduce the amount re-growth in the futures. Amusingly, whilst commenting on the machines effectiveness, reviews also note that the accompanying smell of burning hair might not be ideal. We would therefore suggest scented candles or carrying out the procedure in a room with windows as large as possible!

So overall, the NO!NO! hair removal  machine is a new and innovative way to remove our unwanted fuzz, which proves to be very efficient in the short term but the jury is still out on its long term effects. So ladies, are you getting bored of razors and wax? Try the hottest (pun entirely intended) new method of hair removal!

You can find No! No Hair Removal Machine HERE

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